Our Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator, Nteranya Sanginga has organised two events below for the Michaelmas Term 2020. You can find how to sign up at the end of this post.

Atlantis: A Discussion on Black Memory, History, and Knowledge Production

7 PM GMT, Thursday, 29th October: In this Kellogg College MCR’s Black History Month Lecture, Atlantis choreographers Jonathan van Arneman and Peace Madimutsa will elaborate on their artistic practice of using movement as a means of conjuring memory, social critique, and nation building. Atlantis is an artistic projection comprised of two distinct, but related, parts: Atlantis13 and Atlantis Rebirth. Atlantis13 is a projection of what our world might look like if our connections as black people had never been severed through colonization. It was first staged in Minnesota in 2019. Atlantis Rebirth is an extension of Atlantis13 in that it explores visions of black utopia but, from a distinctly Caribbean perspective. It is currently in the process of being staged and filmed for virtual release.

Uncomfortable Oxford Virtual Tour

4 – 7 PM GMT, Sunday, 8th November: The Uncomfortable Oxford tour promises to give you the beauty of Oxford, along with the historical knowledge and context of the institution we are all members of. This is a virtual tour that will highlight Oxfordโ€™s links to slavery, empire and legacies of inequality, oppression, and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, and class. Join us and experience a virtual tour of Oxford right from your couch and learn of the hidden facets and history of Oxford at the same time. This event is a follow up to Urvi Khaitan’s Welcome Week workshop Beyond ‘Dreaming Spires’: Oxford’s Complicated Past & Present .

Nteranya has also compiled a list of events you might also like to attend. Further events can be found here: www.ox.ac.uk/news-and-events/black-history-month

How to Sing Up

These events are open to Kellogg College members only. You can find the link to register on the Facebook Group or email to Nteranya at nteranya.sanginga@kellogg.ox.ac.uk by using your Kellogg email (–@kellogg.ox.ac.uk).