Kellogg MCR Committee


Wallerand Bazin, Green Officer 

As an MPhil in Environmental Change and Management at the School of Geography and the Environment, I am interested in the politics of Climate Change. That means that I am passionate about discussing the different opinions people may have on the best way to tackle this monumental challenge. As green officer, I hope everyone can take advantage of college life to engage with these issues!




Jay Bothra, Diversity and Inclusions Facilitator

Hi everyone – my name is Jay and I am currently undertaking a Part Time MSc in Software and System Security. As my day job I work for a multinational bank transforming customer experiences with technology. As your Diveristy and Inclusion Officer my foremost aim to is to encourage and help establish an inclusive environment for our diverse community of students. 

D&I has often different meaning and perspective for different people. For some it’s about the demographics , for some it’s about the culture and for some even food. So without any hesitation please reach out to me with your ideas and suggestions on how we can bring the best in our community. Drop a note, ping me on teams or however you like

Madhav Chowdhry, Vice President

Reading for an MSc in Evidence Based Health Care (Systematic Reviews). I am passionate about health (of the planet, and its inhabitants). As your Vice President (& a Part-Time student), my goal is to develop innovative ways to assimilate Part-Time students into an immersive experience of Kellogg College and University of Oxford, while enhancing the exhilarating experience of the students present on campus. 
For this, you will find me frequently in your Outlook Inbox, highlighting your day either with a much awaited social or a really exciting challenge. 
For more info, stay tuned.


Marlene Fosterling, Social Secretary

Hello, I am Marlene, one of this year’s social secretaries. I have been at Kellogg last year for an MSc in Psychology and stayed to pursue a DPhil in which I study prosocial behaviour and body posture.

As I have very much enjoyed the Kellogg community, I wish to contribute to active college life this year. Within the limits of the respective Covid restrictions, together with the other social secretaries, we will continue to organize BOPs, pub trips or bar evenings, etc. We welcome any suggestions for further activities, and I am looking forward to meeting you on those events!


Anna Garcia, Sports Officer  

Hi! My name is Anna and I am Kellogg College’s Sports Officer. I work to ensure Kellogg’s enthusiastic community has the opportunity to participate in sports at whatever level of experience they are and promote a supportive team spirit for all the members of the college. Kellogg have a variety of college sports teams including Football, Tennis, Basketball, and Rowing joint with Christ Church College. In addition, I am your contact point for sports throughout the university more widely. If you want to start a sports team at Kellogg please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Eugenia Gonzalez, Social Secretary        

Hello! I am Eugenia Gonzalez, I am studying an MSc in Education (Digital and social change) while working for an educational consultancy. I am a social secretary and all the MCR are aiming to make the best out of your time at Kellogg through social events, classes, exchanges with other colleges and more. I hope you can all feel at home and enjoy the student life!

Hong-Po Hsieh (Herbert), Social Secretary

Sheetal Jain, President

I am Sheetal Jain, MCR President 2021-22. I am here to make your life easy and happening at Kellogg. In case you need any help or assistance regarding anything during your time at Kellogg, please contact me. I will be available in person at college during the weekdays, you can also contact me through my email. I hope you have a lovely time at Kellogg. 



Phil Mahoney, PGCE Representative

My name is Phil. I am the PGCE representative on the Kellogg MCR Committee. I am the first port of call for PGCE students affiliated with Kellogg who have questions, concerns, and ideas about how the College can support them and enrich their Oxford experience. To contact me, please drop me an email:

Joanne Malone, Part-time Student Representative   

My name is Jo. I am the Part-time Students Representative on the MCR Committee this year. The Part-time Students Representative is elected to represent the interests of part-time members of the College. This year I’ll be working with other members of the Committee to provide opportunities for part-time students, whether based in Oxford or elsewhere, to connect with other Kellogg students and to participate in Kellogg events. I’ll also be advocating for ways to make it easier for part-time students to visit Oxford during their studies including by increasing access to affordable college accommodation. If you have suggestions that are in the interests of part-time students or have any questions, please drop me an email:


Brian Micheni, Academic Officer

Hi, I am Brian Micheni and I am your academic officer. I am reading for a DPhil in Education. I work with the middle Common Room and the college staff to promote and support students’ academic experience at Kellogg College. I represent students interests in the academic committee at the college. I also organise termly seminar series in college to facilitate knowledge exchange among students and to build a stronger research community in college. I am also your point of contact regarding any academic related issues and recommendations. Please feel free to reach out to me on email if you have any academic related concerns or recommendations:


Federico Nebuloni, Social Secretary

Hi, my name is Federico and I am in the third-year of my DPhil in Engineering. Love to play tennis and row during the day, cook and have a pint with friends at night. I am one of the Social Secretaries on the MCR committee, my role is to plan social events for students inside and outside Kellogg. Specifically, focused on organising inter-colleges exchanges like dinners, bar crawls, and more.


Rupa Nolan, Arts & Culture Officer

The arts advocate an advanced level of thinking that can be applied to various academic disciplines and beyond. Through the arts we find new ways of understanding our own history and explore our imaginations, creating an exciting and vibrant future. At The University of Oxford, Kellogg College represents scientific values and the interaction of a diverse student body which creates a unique place to showcase your talent through presentations and exhibitions. Impact society in meaningful ways; design and develop your artistic project at Kellogg!


Ian Robertson, Treasurer

As MCR Treasurer my role is to ensure that funds are spent in line with the MCR Committee’s goals, and that the expenditures are reflected in periodic reports to the Committee and to Kellogg College MCR members.  Your MCR Committee and other volunteers deliver many programs and services to Kellogg students, and both the budget approval process and the expenditure reports support the MCR’s accountability and transparency.  We appreciate the ongoing support and help of Kellogg College’s finance team.


Annette Sandrawich, IT Officer and Acting Bar Manager   

Hi, my name is Annette and and I am currently undertaking the part-time MSt in Historical Studies. When I am not studying I work for the NHS on Screening and Immunisation Programmes.

As the IT officer I would be really interested to find out what additional IT provision is required to make your time at Kellogg easier. As well as representing the students at the IT committees I update the website on behalf of the other committee members and keep account of the MCR’s electronic assets.

Currently, I am the acting Bar Manager so let me know what your favourite cocktail/ beer/ drink is and we will see if we can add these to the menu!

Ananya Singla, Domestic Officer

Hello! I’m Ananya and I am the Domestic Officer for the year 2021-22. I hope to support your needs and enrich your experience in College and University owned accommodation, and communal spaces in the College. As your Domestic Officer, I am also responsible for keeping the MCR kitchen (accessible 24/7) stocked with free drinks and nibbles! Please feel free to drop me an email if you ever have any concern or suggestion relating to College owned spaces. 


Jamie Strong, Social Secretary

I am currently reading for an MSc in Evidence Based Health Care, Medical Statistics. In my role as a Social Secretary of the College, I aim to increase event exchanges and collaborations with other colleges to enhance social networking, both in person (where viable) and online to enable part-time students and those located off-campus to fully engage with our fantastic community.

This year, I aim to facilitate the celebration of a range of events reflecting the diverse international nature of our fellow members. Greater academic-social networking through increased academic/corporate events held on campus is an area to be developed.


Adam Sturge, Charities and Outreach Officer

Neil Suchak, Welfare & Equality Officer

Hi everyone – I’m Neil and I am your MCR welfare officer this year. This is my fourth year at Kellogg where I am working towards my DPhil in History. In my role as welfare officer, I hope to ensure that Kellogg remains a place that promotes everybody’s physical and mental wellbeing. I am also a trained peer supporter, so if you ever have any issues or anything that you want to talk about (big or small) please feel free to drop me an email or grab me if you see me in college.


Sandeep Unwith, Ball President

I have previously served in the roles of MCR President and Junior Dean of Kellogg MCR.

As Ball President, my role is to organise the largest college event— the ball, which is held in June. Due to Covid delays, this year we will be celebrating the college’s 30th anniversary at the ball. All students, guests, and alumni are welcome, but be quick to purchase tickets to guarantee a place.
If you have any questions about tickets or suggestions for the ball, please contact me via email at


Lemuel Valdez , Strategy and Development Officer     

Vighneswaran Vithiatharan, Secretary  

Hello everyone. My name is Vighnes and am the Secretary of the Kellogg MCR Committee. I am reading Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government. Professionally, I have over 2 decades of experience in the public, private and media sphere. Originally from Malaysia, I currently work with governments from across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean on public policy delivery and implementation. Please drop me a message or email me anytime if you need anything or just to chat. I would love to hear from you! Do drop me an email:


Ruben Weitzman, Communications Officer

Minyi Zhang, International Student Representative

Hello! I’m Minyi Zhang, your MCR international representative for this year. I’m a second year DPhil student in Department of Materials. If you have any ideas about how college can support international students’ study here please drop me a message.