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The Vanity Papers

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“Success today requires the agility and drive to
constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent”

—Bill Gates

Message from the executive committee

Hey everyone. Welcome to the University of Oxford. The college that has chosen you is the “Kellogg”. Just like your cereals, which always taste better when the flavors are mixed, the students of Kellogg bring together the unique diversity that fosters happiness and sparks magic. As your MCR committee, we welcome you on board for the journey of a lifetime, through the land of enchantment, into the dreamy reality.
Be it on campus or halfway around the world, we know our cereals are always messengers of love and compassion. To our cereals spread in the world (Part-time students), busy making this world a better place, we promise to bring Kellogg to you.
And the biggest revelation at the end. Without your passion and exhilarating enthusiasm, the college is merely brick and mortar. You are the soul of this college. So this is it. Its time to embark on this journey together.
My dear fellow cereals. Rise & shine.
Kellogg Forever.
Madhav Chowdhry (your Vice-President) & Sheetal Jain (your President)