Kellogg Racism & Microaggression Experiences Survey

The Kellogg MCR has welcomed Nteranya Arnold Sanginga (MPhil in Development Studies) as a Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator to the MCR Committee 2020/2021. The D&I Facilitator will be responsible for creating initiatives, monitoring and advising at the sub-committee level to ensure no gaps exist within the Kellogg community in terms of diversity and inclusion. The detailed description can be found below. 

As part of the MCR Committee’s action plans in the Statement on Anti-Racism: Black Lives Matter, the D&I Facilitator invites Kellogg members to take part in a survey about their experiences with regards to racism and microaggression. All data will be collected anonymously and analysed confidentially in line with the University’s student privacy policy.

  • Complete the survey: Click here
  • Deadline: 24th of July

Description of the Role

Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator is specific to communicate to both the position-holder and those responsible for appointing a person to this position, that this role is to foster best practices within Kellogg that ensure the safe and healthy inclusion of all members of our community. In essence, this role aims to facilitate actions and initiatives that deconstruct systemic or institutional racism through an intersectional approach that includes other aspects of Kellogg identities; class, gender, sexuality, spirituality, nationality and student status (full time/ part time).  At the same time, as a facilitator, the person in this position has the responsibility of championing platforms that nurture a positive cultural environment for all members,  being both cognisant and fully inclusive of different backgrounds and identities, whilst also ensuring that Kellogg remains a community that is held accountable in engaging with matter affecting members of our community with regards to racist incidents discrimination, microaggressions, harassment, abuse, assault, violence. In line with this, the following are non-exhaustive set of responsibilities within the scope of the D&I Facilitator:  

  1. Conduct anonymous surveys & process data to inform committee on trajectory of the Kellogg community; 
  2. Host sessions with experts on a variety of issues such as anti-racism.  
  3. Design the Annual Kellogg Stand Up Against Racism Week (Recommend a renaming of this event and can elaborate further)  
  4. Team up to structure numerous workshops across the academic year, including regarding aforementioned factors. 
  5. Assist other officers in addressing issues regarding class, gender, sexuality, spirituality, nationality and student status (full time/ part time) 
  6. Clarify the reporting process in cases of incidents and follow up to ensure that each complaint receives due process;  
  7. Where possible, make yourself available as a confidant to Kellogg members needing to contact with inquiries and complaints of incidents regarding aforementioned factors.  
  8. Where possible, make yourself available to provide resources and recommendations for the Kellogg community regarding aforementioned factors.