Covid-19 Challenge is a series of events aiming to bring together students from different disciplines and encourage them to come up with solutions to different Covid-19 related issues. The participants will work in multi-disciplinary teams and will be called upon to choose as a group a problem posed by Covid-19, that they would be passionate to resolve. The different teams will have to collaborate within but also outside the frame of the scheduled events, in order to come up with a structured and well documented plan to address their chosen challenge. The aim is twofold; to come up with an innovative idea, but also use this as the basis for structuring a realistic proposition. A design thinking workshop will provide an opportunity for the teams to assert their progress before the final event where the wining proposal will emerge.

This is an event that we are jointly organising with Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Consequently, the teams that will be representing Kellogg College will be competing not only amongst themselves but also with the teams from Lucy Cavendish College, thus providing a great opportunity to interact and compete in an amiable setting with our friends from Cambridge.

The event organised on September 30th is the first of this series of events, after the cancelation of the initial event scheduled for the 28th, and everyone interested to participate to the challenge is welcome to attend.

[Update on 07/10] Due to the low participation from both Colleges, Lucy Cavendish College MCR and Kellogg MCR agreed to cancel the two Covid-19 Challenge events scheduled for today. Thank you to everyone who participated in the last two events, competition introduction and design workshop. We hope you found this series helpful and beneficial.

Event schedule

[Cancelled] 28 September | 8 PM | Virtual Covid-19 Challenge

30 September | 6 PM | Competition Introduction (First event)

2 October | 5 PM | Design Thinking

[Cancelled] 7 October | 5:30 – 6:45 PM | Covid-19 Challenge – Solution Presentation

[Cancelled] 7 October | 7:15 – 7:45 PM | Covid-19 Challenge – Judging Panel

Photo credit: Cambridge University