General Information


Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Kellogg Ball.

The booking will take place on Upay, where you are required to log in using your Oxford SSO. Bookings can only be performed by Kellogg members and students with access to the system (verify your access beforehand).

400 tickets are sold in 3 categories: Student, Alumni and Guest. Of those 400, there are a limited 120 Dining tickets, which come at an extra cost of 20% of the ticket price. 

(Even if you don’t get the chance of securing a dining ticket, your wellbeing will be ensured by unlimited food and drinks throughout the night.)

The tickets will be sold in two phases, a first 70% of tickets will be sold initially, the rest later (subject to change).

Anybody may buy up to 3 tickets (1 of their own category and 2 guest tickets), subject to availability.

Please fill out the names of your guests and add dietary requirements under NOTES. If this is not done, refer to section “Changes to a booking”.


There are a total of 275 student tickets available (65 of which are dining tickets). Be aware that these tickets are only applicable to Kellogg students! Students of other colleges need to have a “Guest” ticket. (This is to ensure Kellogg students have priority for ticket sales)

Student tickets are priced at £120 (£144 for dining tickets).


There are a total of 50 alumni tickets available (30 of which are dining tickets). Be aware that Alumni are encouraged to not bring guests, as this will ensure more Alumni to be able to attend the ball.

Alumni tickets are priced at £150 (£180 for dining tickets). 


If you do not belong to the above categories (e.g. you are a student of another college), then you need to find somebody within Kellogg to book a ticket for you.

There are a total of 75 guest tickets available (25 of which are dining tickets).

Guest tickets are priced at £150 (£180 for dining tickets). 

Please make sure that the person booking your ticket fills out the Guest Name and dietary requirements. 

Booking Changes

If you have missed to report your dietary requirements or the name(s) of your guest(s) during the booking, you can do so until May 1st via (Make sure to put BOOKING-CHANGE in your subject, otherwise the email will not be read!) — if it has not been reported until then, you will be assumed to have no requirements and be served a non-vegetarian meal.