Kellogg College MCR Newsletter: Week 8



A Note from the MCR President:

Hello, my lovely college mates!


It’s Week 8! Almost the end of term. Best of luck to all of you with your assignments and deadlines. But don’t forget to take some time for yourself as well! As always, don’t forget to utilize the welfare resources (outlined in the welfare section of the email) if you need to!

Get ready for some exciting events!


Cyberpunk Bop: Get ready to boogie! Our awesome social secretaries, Tim Hakki and Jiarui Zhang invite you to join them for their exciting silent disco bop on December 7th at 8pm! The theme is cyberpunk. You can view the Facebook event here. Save the date on your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome tunes!


Kellogg College goes to Bath Christmas Market: Staying in Oxford during the winter break? Are you interested in exploring other cities in England? Our great Welfare Officer and Peer Supporter, Brenda McCollum is coordinating the one day trip to Bath on the 11th of December. Stay tuned for more updates on the Facebook page.


Holiday Party: One of our amazing social secretaries, Victoria Strutt, has put together a very special Holiday Party for you all on December 14th from 7:30pm-11:30pm in the Hub. She invites you to join her on the 14th of December in the Hub where there will be a holiday movie screening, gingerbread house making, holiday games, holiday card making, mulled wine, holiday food, and more! Check out the Facebook event here.


Kellogg College London Festive Networking and Drinks Event: Were you hoping to attend Kellogg College London Festive Networking and Drinks event at the Oxford and Cambridge Club but missed the tickets? Email to request to be added to the waiting list.


Are you looking for ethical and sustainable ways to spend the holidays? Our fantastic Green Officer Anna Knowles-Smith listed some wonderful sustainable ideas for holiday season. Read on in the e-mail to view her list!


For more upcoming events, read the e-mail below!


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I hope you are having a wonderful week!




Read the e-mail below to find out more about: Wellbeing Information, Sustainable holiday ideas, College Updates, Upcoming Events, Opportunities, and more!




Wellbeing Information


For peer support contact: You can also contact our welfare & equality officer, Brenda, at

The Junior Deans are available to chat confidentially about any welfare issues you might have, no matter how big or small. You can contact them at

Information on counseling services can be found here.

Free condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, and sanitary pads are available in the white cupboard in the accessible toilet, near the Richardson Room. If you would like to have moral support while taking a pregnancy test, remember that you can contact the Junior Dean(s), the welfare & equality officer, or peer support.

This year, welfare team members (junior deans, peer supporters, welfare officers, etc.) will all be wearing bright yellow lanyards that say “Kellogg College Welfare Team 2019-2020” in order to increase their visibility as welfare resources. Please utilize them! We are here to support you. It’s never a bother to have a chat with us.   

To find out about exam support available, visit the University’s Stress Less webpage.


Welfare Committee Applications


Are you interested in welfare? Apply to be on the welfare sub-committee. There are many new positions open, so definitely consider! Apply HERE.



A note from your Green Officer, Anna Knowles-smith:

Topic: Sustainable Holidays

Holiday season is approaching! It’s time to start thinking about how we can make it a more ethical, sustainable holiday. Below are some ideas to get you thinking!




Sellotape is not only non-recyclable, any residue on otherwise recyclable materials is very difficult to remove and may mean those materials become unrecyclable. Why not switch this out for paper tape, ribbon or twine!


Wrapping Paper


A large portion of the 108 million rolls of wrapping paper used in the UK at Christmas is non-recyclable. Any paper with glitter, foil or texture is generally not able to be recycled. It is, therefore, definitely worth checking that the wrapping paper you buy can be recycled. Another option is to pair brown paper tape with plain brown wrapping paper and then add some embellishments.

Food Waste


The obvious solution to the massive amount of food wasted is to buy less. However, in reality, this is not always possible. With large family gatherings, it is very difficult to work out the exact amount of food required and it seems better to err on the side of caution and buy plenty. However, if you do have leftovers then there are other ways to deal with them than throwing them in the bin. If you have random food leftover and are unsure what to do with then a website such as can help!


Holiday cards

With regards to holiday cards, one replacement option is to post a digital holiday message perhaps on social media or via a digital holiday card. It is also best to avoid cards with Glitter or embellishments as this makes it difficult or impossible to recycle.


Cracker plastic

Crackers are a Christmas table staple….. however the enclosed Plastic toys and gadgets are often shipped great distances, made from non-recyclable material, and are often made using cheap labour. Waste and carbon generated during their production and toxic materials are also environmental concerns. Shop around for some crackers minus the plastic!

Meat-free alternatives 

Many studies have shown a plant-based diet to be more sustainable than an animal-based diet. Why not experiment with some meat free holiday recipes to supplement or replace meat on your dinner table!



College Updates


  • Early Closure in The Hub: On the 13 December The Hub will be closing early at 13:30. There won’t be any hot lunches served that day; however, breakfast, pastries and sandwiches will be available as usual.
  • College Brunch: As many of you know, Kellogg offers brunch on most weekends during the term. The brunch consists of an English breakfast. However, the kitchen is considering switching to a rotating set menu (similar to the lunch/dinner schedule style). Is this something you would be interested in? If so, let us know! Link:
  • Payment Change: You will no longer have to sign in for meals at college. UPay is now going to be the “currency” of choice, with the line moving much quicker with a till this year rather than sign-in sheets! So set up your UPay account soon and top up! ( Also, keep in mind that the bar does not accept UPay!
  • Food Options: Are you keen to have more cultural meals on the menu during the term for formal and informal dinners? Let us know what meals you’d like to see via the Food Feedback Form here:
  • Dietary Requests: Do you have a specific dietary request that you want the kitchen to be aware of when you come to college for a meal? Let us know via email 48 hours ahead of time via 




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In addition to syncing our Google calendar, enable notifications from our website to get the latest updates. Instructions on how to do so are here. The Kellogg College MCR website has updates about events we have hosted and things coming up. View the site here:


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This Week at Kellogg:

Michaelmas Term 2019, Week 8


Monday, December 2nd

  • Tea and Study Group: 2 PM-5 PM, 62 Meeting Room
  • Yoga: 7 PM-8 PM, the Hub


Tuesday, December 3rd

  • Mindfulness: 7.20 PM-8.20 PM, Mawby Room
  • Pub Quiz Night: 7.30 PM, Kellogg Bar
  • Language Immersion Night: 9 PM-10 PM, Hilda Box Buttery, St. Antony’s College


Wednesday, December 4th

  • Christmas mulled wine & mince pies round the tree: 4.30-5:30 PM, College Bar


Thursday, December 5th

  • Wine & Cheese: 8:30 PM, Kellogg College Hub (Registration closed)
  • Christmas Guest Night Dinner: 6.45 PM, Dining Hall (Booking required)

Friday, December 6th

  • Tea and Study Group: 9.30 AM-12.30 PM, 62 Meeting Room
  • MCR Bar Night: 9 PM, Kellogg Bar


Saturday, December 7th

  • Movie night: 7 PM, the Hub
  • Kellogg Cyberpunk Bop: 8PM, the Hub


Sunday, December 8th

  • Tea and Study Group: 2 PM-5 PM, 62 Meeting Room



Upcoming Special Events at Kellogg


Christmas mulled wine & mince pies round the tree

Wednesday 4 December, 4:30 – 5:30 PM, Kellogg College Bar

Each year we gather to decorate the Christmas tree and listen to festive music, whilst enjoying some of Chef’s home made mince pies, with a glass or two of mulled wine (festive jumpers are optional!) All College members and their families are welcome to attend. There is no need to book.

Kellogg Cyberpunk Bop

Saturday December 7, at 8 PM, Kellogg College

The year is 2075. Artificial intelligence has caused a global paradigm shift. No longer reliant on limited resources, the flourishing cities of Earth have become heaving digital cosmopolises. Body and mind augmentation blurs the boundaries between human and machine. Simulated experiences have removed the need for our physical lives and driven us further into cyberspace. The Singularity has arrived. Kellogg College invites everyone to take refuge from the ceaseless technological hum, and to reclaim their humanity with one final boogie before the New Year. Cyberpunk will be FREE ENTRY for all. There will be a silent disco and themed drink deals!


Bath Christmas Market

Wednesday December 11, at 12 PM

Staying in Oxford during the winter break can be lonely and a little depressing, so lets fight those ninth week blues with a trip to one of the nicest Christmas markets around! We’ll head via train to Bath on the 11th of December, sometime in the early afternoon. Exact time of departure will be discussed on the Facebook page when we get closer to the day! With a railcard, the off peak return ticket is only 13 pounds at the moment! So buy your train tickets early and let us know if you want to join for a fun filled getaway from Oxford! E-mail brenda.mccollum for further information.


Holiday Party

Saturday December 14, at 7:30 PM, The Hub

Join us on the 14th of December in the Hub for our Holiday party including mulled wine and winter holiday food such as Mince pies, Panettone, Weihnacktsstollen, Christmas apples and much more. Holiday card making, gingerbread decorating, lots of fun and more holiday games and a screening of Love Actually. There will be a prize for the best holiday jumper!!


Opportunities, Offers, and More


Kellogg Student Colloquium


Hey team! The Kellogg College Colloquium is always looking for speakers!

If you have something that you would like to present, please send a title, a very brief abstract, and the week in which you’d like to present to .





At Kellogg, the bar isn’t just a place to go for a drink. While both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, the bar is also a social space where you can play board games, meet up with friends, and simply have a chat!


Interested in becoming a bartender during term-time? Training will be run by our fantastic Bar Manager, Nicholas DeVito. Please contact him with questions or to express interest. You can also note your interest via this form.


Any trained and approved bar volunteer can open the bar on any day after dinner, until 11pm (except when Guest Night Dinners take place). The night’s bartender will post it on the MCR’s Facebook page. If you’re around college for dinner, or working in the library, just pass by the bar area after dinner to see if it’s open!



Trying to save money? As of this term, Kellogg College MCR now has discount deals with a number of local businesses. If you’d like to save some money, check out these places for deals (MUST show Kellogg College ID):

  • The One (restaurant): 
    • 20% off food bill any day of the week
  • Angels Cocktail Bar: 
    • 25% off
  • Barefoot Café: 
    • 15% off cakes and drinks (until 31/12/2019); NOT VALID Monday through Friday 2-6PM
  • The Duke of Cambridge: TBC
  • The Mad Hatter: TBC
  • More discounts and/or offers coming soon!

Do you have a place that you frequent and would like to receive a discount at? Yes? Let us know! Send an email to our MCR treasurer at with the name of the restaurant/pub/bar/etc, and she will get in contact with them and see what we can do!



Other Opportunities:


GCHU Public Seminar: Managing migration: cities, governance, integration

Wednesday 4 December, 5:30 – 7:00 PM, The Hub at Kellogg College

At this seminar, invited speakers will each respond to the question: How can cities engage with managing global migration flows and social integration? After pitching initial thoughts, panel and audience members will discuss whether migration should be ‘managed’, and what makes for socially ‘healthy’ cities? Refreshments will be served from 5:00 pm. Book your seat here.


What asylum and refugee policies do Europeans want?

Monday 9 December, 3:45 – 5:00 PM, The Hub at Kellogg College

Martin Ruhs, deputy director of the Migration Policy Centre at the EUI, and a co-author of a new study, What asylum and refugee policies do Europeans want?: evidence from a cross-national conjoint experiment, will be discussing public attitudes to asylum and refugee policies in Europe. Refreshments will be served from 3:30 pm, the seminar will commence at 3:45 pm. Booking is necessary.


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