The welfare team is launching a new welfare event, the Umbrella Group meeting. The purpose of this group will be to form a community of support among Kellogg students who live with or wish to support students who live with any form of mental health issue. If you have any questions in regards to this meeting, the group itself, or just welfare queries in general, please email our Welfare & Equality Officer Brenda McCollum.

***Updates from Brenda***
The first meeting of the Umbrella Group went very well and thanks again to those of you who could join. The group is a safe space, created to help us develop a support network with our fellow students to discuss any and all of the life issues we are dealing with. Even if you weren’t able to come to the first meeting, feel more than welcome to join us on the 18th! We want this to be a very student led experience so any thing that you want to speak about or get support with are welcome. We hope to see many of you there!!
Umbrella Group Meeting
Date: Tuesday 4th February, Tuesday 18th of February
Time: 7:30 pm
Meeting place: College Bar

Find more welfare resources at MCR and College.