Hello lovely rice crispies,
The MCR is excited to announce the first of our wine and cheese exchanges. There is no charge for the exchange. If you would like to ballott for this event please follow the link below . There are 15 slots available.
18th of February: Kellogg @ Exeter
26th of February: Exeter @ Kellogg
**The ballot closes on 17th of Februray at 1pm.
The MCR wants to ensure that everyone has a great experience during this exchange, but also that no food is wasted in the case of non-attendance. Please make sure that you are availble for both dates. If you have any questions, comments or remarks, you can contact our Social Secretary Victoria Strutt anytime via: victoria.strutt@kellogg.ox.ac.uk. Looking forward to two great evenings with you!
Best wishes,
MCR social secretaries. xxx