This list is compiled by the MCR Committee members in personal capacities as part of the action plans of the Statement on Anti-Racism: Black Lives Matter. We value collaboration with our community members to make the list more diverse and inclusive. If you might have other ideas or resources that you think would be helpful for fellow Kelloggian, please do not hesitate to send it in at We will continue to keep the list updated.

In Solitarity, 

Kellogg MCR 

*Please note the MCR does not promote any organisation/person and is not responsible for the contents of any websites listed.  


Official Statements: 

From the University

From the College heads

From the Oxford SU

From the Oxford African and Caribbean Society 

From the National Union of Students (NUS)


Oxford-based Platforms:

Oxford Anti-Racist Platform

Uncomfortable Oxford


International Platforms:

U.S. specific concerns 

UK based resources 

How to support Black Lives Matter in the UK 




Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Black Lives Matter



Liberty (To know your human rights) 

Key Advice when Going on a Protest 



The UK Government 

Volunteer Centre Oxfordshire 



Reading list by the Bodleian Libraries, College Libraries and JCR Welfare reps (Available in SOLO)  



Scholarship for BAME Students



Recruitment opportunities for graduating BME students by the Career Services 



Kellogg College Welfare Support 

Counselling Service by the University 

UK Black Therapists and/or organisations currently practising by the NUS 

Race Equality Newsletters by the University