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This Week at Kellogg:

Monday, 9 March

  • Tea & Study Group: 2 PM-4 PM, 62 Meeting Room
  • Mindfulness Course hosted by Kellogg College: 5:30 PM-7 PM, Mawby Room (Registration closed)
  • Yoga: 7 PM-8 PM, The Hub
  • Charity Comedy Night: Old Kitchen Bar, Magdalen College (Details)

Tuesday, 10 March

  • Wine and Cheese with Keble College: 7:30 PM, Kellogg College (Ballot closed)
  • Pub Quiz (international theme): 7:20 PM, College Bar
  • Language Immersion: 9 PM-10 PM, St. Antony’s College

Wednesday, 11 March

  • DPhil Lunch: 12:30 PM, Meet in College Bar (Email Brenda)
  • Welfare Tea & Snacks: 4 PM-5 PM, College Bar

Friday, 13 March

  • Tea & Study Group: 10 AM-12 PM, 62 Meeting Room

Saturday, 14 March

  • Zumba Class: 4 PM-5 PM, The Hub
  • Movie Night: 7 PM-8 PM, The Hub

Sunday, 15 March

  • Mindfulness Session with MSt Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Student: 4 PM-5PM, Richardson Room (Free, no booking required)