A note from the MCR President:

Hello, my lovely college mates!

It’s Week 10! I hope you had a lovely time at the Kellogg MCR Holiday Party on Saturday! Shoutout to social secretary, Victoria Strutt, for organizing!

Are you looking for something new to be excited about? Puffer jackets are now available! Read further in the e-mail to learn more about how you can purchase one!

Even though we are now in vacation time, there are still some events on! Read on to our “This Week at Kellogg” section to find out more.

Are you around Oxford during the vacation and keen to hang out with other Kellogians? Consider proposing an event! E-mail mcr@kellogg.ox.ac.uk with your idea, and we will see if we can support you to make it happen!

Update: Unfortunately, board game nights have been canceled during the vacation time. They will start back up during Hillary Term 2020.

Newsletters will continue to be sent out throughout the vacation, so look out for upcoming events!

Have a lovely vacation!


Dominique Fortes
Kellogg College MCR President

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Wellbeing Information

For peer support contact College. You can also contact our Welfare & Equality Officer, Brenda. The Junior Deans are available to chat confidentially about any welfare issues you might have, no matter how big or small. You can contact them from here. Information on counseling services can be found here.

Free condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, and sanitary pads are available in the white cupboard in the accessible toilet, near the Richardson Room. If you would like to have moral support while taking a pregnancy test, remember that you can contact the Junior Dean(s), the welfare & equality officer, or peer support.

This year, welfare team members (junior deans, peer supporters, welfare officers, etc.) will all be wearing bright yellow lanyards that say “Kellogg College Welfare Team 2019-2020” in order to increase their visibility as welfare resources. Please utilize them! We are here to support you. It’s never a bother to have a chat with us.   

To find out about exam support available, visit the University’s Stress Less webpage.

Welfare Committee Applications: Are you interested in welfare? Apply to be on the welfare sub-committee. There are many new positions open, so definitely consider! Apply HERE.

Find Out More About Welfare Resources

Sustainable Holidays

A note from your Green Officer, Anna Knowles-smith:

Holiday season is approaching! It’s time to start thinking about how we can make it a more ethical, sustainable holiday. Below are some ideas to get you thinking!

  • [Reconsider using] Sellotape
  • [Consider alternatives to] Wrapping Paper
  • [Don’t forget to prevent] Food Waste
  • [Consider a digital option for] Holiday cards
  • [Keep in mind the effects of] Cracker plastic
  • [Consider] Meat-free alternatives
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College Updates

  • College Christmas Closure: College will be closed from 13:00 on Friday 20 December until 8:00 on Thursday 2 January. Please note that College members will not be able to access nos.60 and 62 Banbury Road (including the library) or The Hub, for the duration of the closure, so please collect any post and/or possessions from these buildings before 13:00 on 20th December.
  • College Brunch: As many of you know, Kellogg offers brunch on most weekends during the term. The brunch consists of an English breakfast. However, the kitchen is considering switching to a rotating menu (similar to the lunch/dinner schedule style). Is this something you would be interested in? If so, let us know via this form!
  • Payment Change: You will no longer have to sign in for meals at college. UPay is now going to be the “currency” of choice, with the line moving much quicker with a till this year rather than sign-in sheets! So set up your UPay account soon and top up! (upaychilli.com). Also, keep in mind that the bar does not accept UPay!
  • Food Options: Are you keen to have more cultural meals on the menu during the term for formal and informal dinners? Let us know what meals you’d like to see via the Food Feedback form.
  • Dietary Requests: Do you have a specific dietary request that you want the kitchen to be aware of when you come to college for a meal? Let us know via email 48 hours ahead of time via kitchen@kellogg.ox.ac.uk.

What’s On?

Kellogg Cinema and Theatre Outings
Are you a movie enthusiast? Always feels like sharing thoughts with someone after watching movies? Our great Kelloggian, Zak Handler, has been organising Kellogg College Cinema and Theatre Outings group! Anyone who has an interest in film can join the Facebook group from here. The weekly movie night event hosted by MCR will be coming back in Hilary term too.
Kellogg Foodies group
CALLING ALL FOODIES! For anyone interested in joining us on excursions to try restaurants (and take on food challenges) or just generally explore the food scene in Oxford and the UK, feel free to request to be added to the Facebook group! Find the post on 9th December via Facebook group.
Kellogg Puffer
Reward yourself for all the hard work you have put in this term! Thanks to the fantastic work of our social secretary, Victoria Strutt, the Kellogg puffers are finally ready for ordering. If you would like to order one: please fill in google doc and an order confirmation with details for payment will sent to you. Ordering will end on the 20th December so we can get the jackets delivered to college in time for the new term. Find more details on our Facebook group.
Weekly MCR events in Hilary
Yoga, Mindfulness, and more – our favorite and new events and activities will be back in Hilary Term. The survey regarding one of the Mindfulness classes and the survey to see if there is interest in a Zumba class are currently discussed on the Facebook group. If you are interested, consider going to the Facebook poll to indicate your preference! The yoga class will resume on 13th January. More updates will be shared on Facebook group.
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This week at Kellogg

Monday, December 16th

Tuesday, December 17th

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Opportunities and Offers

Kellogg Student Colloquium

Hey team! The Kellogg College Colloquium is always looking for speakers! If you have something that you would like to present, please send a title, a very brief abstract, and the week in which you’d like to present to neil.suchak@kellogg.ox.ac.uk .

At Kellogg, the bar isn’t just a place to go for a drink. While both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, the bar is also a social space where you can play board games, meet up with friends, and simply have a chat! Interested in becoming a bartender during term-time? Training will be run by our fantastic Bar Manager, Nicholas DeVito. Please contact him with questions or to express interest. You can also note your interest via this form.With bar manager permission, any trained and approved bar volunteer can open the bar on any day after dinner, until 11pm (except when Guest Night Dinners take place). The night’s bartender will post it on the MCR’s Facebook page. If you’re around college for dinner, or working in the library, just pass by the bar area after dinner to see if it’s open!
Trying to save money? As of this term, Kellogg College MCR now has discount deals with a number of local businesses. If you’d like to save some money, check out these places for deals (MUST show Kellogg College ID):
  • The One (restaurant):
    • 20% off food bill any day of the week
  • Angels Cocktail Bar:
    • 25% off
  • Barefoot Café:
    • 15% off cakes and drinks (until 31/12/2019); NOT VALID Monday through Friday 2-6PM
  • The Duke of Cambridge: TBC
  • The Mad Hatter: TBC

More discounts and/or offers coming soon! Do you have a place that you frequent and would like to receive a discount at? Yes? Let us know! Send an email to our MCR treasurer at iro.sala@kellogg.ox.ac.uk with the name of the restaurant/pub/bar/etc, and she will get in contact with them and see what we can do!

Other Opportunities

Mindfulness Tester Day & Course
Mindfulness is a well-researched, non-religious and effective means of promoting well-being, and alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. Kellogg is hosting an 8-week practical introduction to mindfulness this Hilary Term, taught by teachers from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). The course has been designed specifically with the needs of students in mind and will be taking place on Monday evenings, Weeks 1 – 8, at 17:30 – 19:00, in the Mawby Room at Kellogg College. The course is heavily subsidised by the OMC at £65 per student for eight 90-minute sessions. College will offer an additional subsidy of £25 to Kellogg students who attend at least 6 out of the 8 sessions. Kellogg will be hosting a Mindfulness Taster Session on Thursday 16 January at 17:30 – 18:30 as an opportunity for students to learn more about mindfulness and it’s benefits, and a chance to try out a couple of short mindfulness exercises. For more information and to book, please click here.

Survey on Menstruation
Do you menstruate? Researchers at Oxford University are interested in your experiences the week before your period. Please help them with a 5-minute questionnaire. Why it matters? The Dphil student Gabriella Kountourides (St. John’s) at the School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography: “Many menstruating people describe different experiences in the week leading up to their periods, however few surveys take into account the range of different experiences people have. I am working to build a questionnaire that encompasses all aspects of the premenstrual experience which will be important both to understand the social effects of premenstrual experiences, and medically”.

Cortex Club: Panel Discussion on Sleep: Features and Functions
Wednesday 11 December, 5:00 – 6:00 PM, Sherrington Library
For our final event of the year, in collaboration with the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour (CNCB),  the Cortex Club will be hosting a panel discussion on Sleep: Features and Functions with Prof. Amita Sehgal, Prof. Penelope Lewis, Dr. Jason Rihel, Prof. Stuart Peirson. The Panel discussion will be followed by a Christmas-themed drinks reception, then everybody is welcome to join us to a pub for dinner with the speakers. Go check out our website, sign up to our mailing list here and keep up to date with our future events by following our facebooktwitter and instagram.

Summer Teaching in China
The Social Enterprise Gotoco has opened applications for its 2020 summer TEFL programmes. These take place in diverse locations across China. The Directors Daniel Parrott (St. Anne’s) & Richard Lloyd (Pembroke) are the Oxford alumni and you can find there stories here. Last year around 50 Oxford students joined our project in China, apply now to grab your place on the 2020 Gotoco China team: http://www.go-to.co/apply-now.

  • Earn a TEFL certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
  • Explore China and its diverse culture
  • Learn some Mandarin, and take part in fun cultural exchange activities
  • Gain valuable work experience and references
  • Begin a summer of backpacking across Asia
  • Give Chinese students the chance to experience a new style of teaching
  • See stunning scenery, including the Karst mountains around Yangshuo, Guangxi

Oxford University Anglo-Chinese Research Society – Recruitment
The Oxford University Anglo-Chinese Research Society, which is in the process of being established, is recruiting students for some positions. This society’s primary aim is to help foster an environment of collaborative research here at Oxford, particularly focussing on students in the early stages of their research careers. The aims of this Society are as follows:

  • to promote collaboration between the UK and China generally, with a specific focus on collaboration in academic research;
  • to improve the quality of research by UK and Chinese academics by learning from one another; and
  • to provide a forum for UK-based academics to network with Chinese academics and vice versa.

The Society will host lectures, networking events for its members, and discussions over dinner with guest speakers (e.g. academics from Oxford and overseas, diplomats, etc.), as well as run termly essay competitions. Having already secured sponsorship for the society, all that is currently left is to find a suitable treasurer and secretary, who have a passion for international research relations and a capacity to fulfil the needs of these roles. Those interested in either role should email the DPhil candidate Ryan Veryard (Linacre), at Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research (NERC DTP) at ryan.veryard@linacre.ox.ac.uk for more information.

Feedback Form

We want to hear from you! Please take a few moments to share your feedback and idea with us through: Kellogg MCR EventsKellogg MCR Event Proposal/SuggestionKellogg College BrunchKellogg College Food. Thank you in advance for your help!

Contact Information

MCR President

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I’m always more than happy to help in any way that I can. I’m reachable via FacebookLinkedIn, e-mail, and phone! As always, if you want to chat in person, you’ll be able to find me in my usual spot, working on my thesis by the couches in the bar.

Dominique Fortes
E-mail: dominique.fortes@kellogg.ox.ac.uk
Phone: +44 7497 089727