A Note from the MCR President:

Hello again, my lovely new (and established) wizards! (Yes, I am starting on the Harry Potter references quite early this year, but might as well…am I right? You’ve earned your wand.)

Get ready to don your sub fusc and join (or continue in) the magical world of academia at Kellogg College in the University of Oxford! I hope you’re ready to be enchanted by everything this incredible place has to offer! (And it all begins with welcome weeks!)

I’d like to extend an extra special welcome to all of our new freshers…I believe that there are roughly 500 of you new Kelloggians! Welcome to our (breakfast cereal) family! I am so excited to meet all of you! And in honor of you fabulous individuals joining us, I’ve put together a special “Freshers/New Wizards-Friendly” edition of the newsletter.

Note: Keep an eye out every Sunday or Monday for the newsletter, so that you can get ready for all the fun events the week has to offer!

While you more-established at Kellogg wizards are welcome to skim the freshers content, some of it may touch upon things you don’t know about so regardless of your year, I definitely suggest taking a look!

But now, to the point…


(Yes, please do read this as though I am shouting excitedly about the upcoming three weeks. Because I pretty much am. Mentally. Which might be a bit weird, but that’s okay).

Get ready to party, punt, network, and laugh your way through the next three weeks into the start of Michaelmas term. The bar is open every night throughout welcome weeks, so even if you’re a hard-working MBA who has already been slammed with coursework, there is always time to meet people if you aren’t around earlier in the day! The bar opens right after dinner ends at 7:15pm on weekdays. Closing times vary depending on the day.

Notes for Kellogg Students

Logistical Notes of the Week:

· You can use your UPay account to pay for food in the Hub! Just ask the staff members how!  
·  Is your bike tire flat? Or maybe your football? Ask at reception to borrow the tire pump!
·  Want to become a college bartender next term? Bartender training will begin soon!

·  Forgot your subfusc gown at home? Reception has a limited number available to borrow. Just ask (during working hours).

Bar Hours:

At Kellogg, the bar isn’t just a place to go for a drink. While both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, the bar is also a social space where you can play board games, meet up with friends, and simply have a chat!

Interested in becoming a bartender during term-time? Training will be run by our fantastic Bar Manager, Nicholas DeVito. Please feel free to contact him with questions. If interested, please register here so that Nick can get in contact with you. E-mail contact info:  Nicholas.devito@kellogg.ox.ac.uk 

During Welcome Weeks: Every night unless posted otherwise. Closing is by 11pm, unless otherwise stated.

During Term Time:

Monday-Thursday 7:15pm to 11pm

Friday and Saturday: 7:15pm to 11pm

(on days with low turnout, closing times may vary)

Sundays (after welcome weeks): closed unless specifically requested


Punting Registration:

Interested in joining us for punting during welcome weeks? (Free for freshers). Sign-up here: https://forms.gle/7YMByDU1VAUVebwHA

Feedback Links:

Kellogg MCR Events Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/mziSKsaU86RCPwd57
Recent events for feedback: Kellogg College ball, Photography workshop, Fitness class, exchange events, welcome week events
Kellogg MCR Event Proposal/Suggestion Form:  https://forms.gle/7vD8vsuLWVFEtQF99
Kellogg College Brunch Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/wSxRxCCHCzAkhWLA8
Kellogg Food Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/evLhEGLGHCkhxTeu7

Upcoming Events

Events This Week:

Want to stay up to date on MCR Events? Join the MCR Facebook group, or subscribe to our Google Calendar also available on iCal.

Upcoming Special Events:

October 11 at 8pm- Kellogg College Start of Term Party (Seafloor Shindig); FREE ENTRY, THEMED COCKTAILS

Michaelmas Term MCR Committee Elections- Date TBC

Michaelmas Term Exchange Dinners, organized by Kevin Treder (contact him for additional details)
Seats will be allocated via ballot, registration for which will be sent out after Welcome Weeks

        October 23rd: St. Antony’s at Kellogg (Wednesday)
        October 24th: Kellogg at St. Antony’s (Thursday)
        October 30th: Kellogg at St. Hugh’s (Wednesday)
        November 20th: St. Hugh’s at Kellogg (Wednesday)
        November 6th: Pembroke at Kellogg (Wednesday)
        November 7th: Kellogg at Pembroke (Thursday)
        November 13th: Wolfson at Kellogg (Wednesday)
        December 13th : Kellogg at Wolfson (Friday)

Upcoming Exchange Events (Excluding Exchange Dinners):
(Additional events to be announced as details become available)
No registration is required for these events! Simply turn up.      

Other Events and Opportunities

International Peer MentoringBelow is a note from the VP Graduates, Neil Misra, regarding international peer mentoring opportunities.

This year, the Oxford SU is launching a new mentoring scheme for incoming international freshers. The purpose of the scheme is to help matriculating international students acclimate to life in Oxford and in the UK. As a current international student at Oxford, we would like to inquire if you would be willing to sign-up for this scheme as a potential mentor. Should you decide to participate, you will be paired with an incoming student(s) from your country of origin* and provide them with general advice to help ease their arrival to the UK. You will be given full discretion as to how you want to approach mentoring. It would not entail a massive amount of effort: essentially, you would be expected to answer some questions the fresher might have (over social media or e-mail) and arrange a couple of meet-ups (dinner, coffee, etc.) after the student has arrived in Oxford.

*Note: If your nationality is different the country you grew up in (e.g. you are a South Korean national, but you spent your whole childhood in Australia and would like to mentor another Australian student), please email vpgraduates[at]oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk

Sign up link: https://www.oxfordsu.org/communities/peermentor/

Applications open for 2019-2020 L.E.V8 Accelerator at the Oxford Foundry

(Deadline is 30 September 2019)

OXFO L.E.V8 (Elevate) at the Oxford Foundry is the University of Oxford’s most diverse start-up accelerator. The programme selects up to 12 high potential ventures a year and is designed to support and nurture early-stage start-up teams affiliated to the University.

Oxford students, staff and alumni can get six months free support to build their venture. This includes mentorship, masterclasses, office space and access to the Foundry’s global network of investors and partners including Biz Stone, Cofounder of Twitter and Medium, Jenny Tooth OBE, UK Business Angels Association, Professor Bill Aulet, MIT, Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, and Robin Saunders, Managing Partner at Clearbrook Capital.

Ventures also get support to build a team – many ventures have met their co-founders through the Foundry – along with leadership and resilience skills support, financial, business, pitching, customer development and legal advice.

To date, the Foundry has supported 19 start-ups who have collectively raised £7m in funding, created 70+ jobs and are having a global impact across sectors including retail, medtech, energy, publishing, fintech and more.

The accelerator is based in our Oxford Foundry building on Hythe Bridge street and the next cohort will run from 18 November 2019 – May 2020. We welcome solo founders and teams, and it’s a fantastic chance to be part of a supportive and expert community.  The programme is equity-free and worth over £60K per team.

Call for Papers, St. Antony’s International Review (STAIR) General Section—February 2020

STAIR is currently accepting article submissions for the General Section of its upcoming February 2020 issue. Twice a year, STAIR invites authors to submit original research manuscripts on topics of contemporary relevance in international affairs. Each issue contains a Theme Section dedicated to a specific subject area, and a General Section covering various topics from the fields of international relations, political science, area studies, development studies, international history and related fields.

STAIR will review manuscripts that contain original, previously unpublished material of up to 6,000 words (including endnotes with complete bibliographic information). Authors are asked to include a word count and an abstract of no more than 300 words. Authors are asked to follow the STAIR style guide for referencing available here<http://www.stairjournal.com/notes-for-contributors>. Papers should be submitted by Monday 14 October 2019 to stair-journal[at]politics.ox.ac.uk. For more information, see the attached Call for Papers or contact Daniel Waqar, Managing Editor, at daniel.waqar[at]sant.ox.ac.uk.

About STAIR:
STAIR is the University of Oxford’s peer-reviewed journal of international affairs. Founded in 2005, STAIR has carved out its distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Past contributors include John Baylis, Alexander Betts, Robert Keohane, and Sarah Percy.

Volunteers needed for an EEG Experiment

The Language and Brain Laboratory (part of the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics) needs participants for an EEG experiment! For this experiment, we need native-speakers of Southern British English. Furthermore, you need to be right-handed, not dyslexic or hearing-impaired or suffering from any neurological conditions (e.g. epilepsy) and between 18 and 50 years of age.

The complete experiment will take approximately 1.5 hours including preparation. You will listen to sentences and be asked to judge whether the written sentences you see are true or false. You will be reimbursed £15 for your time and you will get to see your brainwaves!

We use electrodes to detect changes in your brain activity and need to apply a small amount of electrolyte gel to your scalp to enhance the conductivity of these electrodes. It will therefore be necessary for you to wash your hair after the experiments. Everything for washing and drying hair is available in the lab but you can also always wipe the gel off and wash your hair at home if you prefer.

If you fulfil the criteria above and are happy to participate (or would like more information), please send an e-mail with the subject line “EEG experiment” to jiarui.zhang[at]ling-phil.ox.ac.uk. This is a new series of experiments so if you have previously taken part in a behavioural or EEG study in our lab, you can also participate in this study.

Closing Notes:

And finally, I’d like to share with you an insightful quote from Edith Lovejoy Pierce.

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”

Get ready for another awesome new term, and have an incredible week!