Kellogg College MCR Newsletter: Week 2



A Note from the MCR President:

Hello again, my lovely college mates!


Congratulations to all our lovely freshers who matriculated this weekend! So glad to have you officially as part of the family!


And speaking of families…do you want to get to know some new people in your Kellogg family? (This offer is available for EVERYONE—from those who just matriculated to those who have been here for years). Sign up to join a college family! You can sign up here:

*Note: Signing up last year does not re-enroll you automatically! You must re-register this year to join. (If you had a college spouse last year, you must choose a new one this year or re-request the one you had last year!)*


Are you excited for the coming year? I sure hope so! 2020 brings with it Kellogg College’s 30th Anniversary. We’re going to be celebrating in style at Kellogg’s Cirque Gothique—a fantastic college ball to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Interested in joining the ball committee and helping organize? E-mail: and Further application details are included in the contents of this email under “Upcoming Special Events and Opportunities at Kellogg”.


We have a number of exciting events scheduled throughout the term, so make sure to add them to your calendar! You can do so by clicking the link here and then subscribing. Events are added regularly, so make sure to check back often!


Also, just a reminder that elections are coming up soon, so consider running for an elected position on the MCR Committee! There are also a number of appointed positions on the Welfare Sub-Committee, the Development Sub-Committee, and the International Student Sub-Committee, so don’t forget to consider those as well.


Read the e-mail below to find out more about: Wellbeing information, events, opportunities, etc.




Wellbeing Information

For peer support contact: You can also contact our welfare & equality officer, Ekin, at

The Junior Deans are available to chat confidentially about any welfare issues you might have, no matter how big or small. You can contact them at

Information on counseling services can be found here.


Free condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, and sanitary pads are available in the white cupboard in the accessible toilet, near the Richardson Room. If you would like to have moral support while taking a pregnancy test, remember that you can contact the Junior Dean(s), the welfare & equality officer, or peer support.

This year, welfare team members (junior deans, peer supporters, welfare officers, etc.) will all be wearing bright yellow lanyards that say “Kellogg College Welfare Team 2019-2020” in order to increase their visibility as welfare resources. Please utilize them! We are here to support you. It’s never a bother to have a chat with us.   

To find out about exam support available, visit the University’s Stress Less webpage.



Welfare Committee Applications

Are you interested in welfare? Apply to be on the welfare committee. There are many new positions open, so definitely consider! Apply HERE.


College Updates


  • College Brunch: As many of you know, Kellogg offers brunch on most weekends during the term. The brunch consists of an English breakfast. However, the kitchen is considering switching to a rotating set menu (similar to the lunch/dinner schedule style). Is this something you would be interested in? If so, let us know! Link:
  • Payment Change: You will no longer have to sign in for meals at college. UPay is now going to be the “currency” of choice, with the line moving much quicker with a till this year rather than sign-in sheets! So set up your UPay account soon and top up! ( Also, keep in mind that the bar does not accept UPay!
  • Food Options: Are you keen to have more cultural meals on the menu during the term for formal and informal dinners? Let us know what meals you’d like to see via the Food Feedback Form here:
  • Dietary Requests: Do you have a specific dietary request that you want the kitchen to be aware of when you come to college for a meal? Let us know via email 48 hours ahead of time via





Want to keep up with the latest events? Subscribe to our Google Calendar here, which is updated with all the Welcome Weeks events and a number of other events going on throughout the term. If you subscribe, the calendar syncs directly to yours! Events are added on an ongoing basis as planning is finalized.


In addition to syncing our Google calendar, enable notifications on our website to get the latest updates. Instructions on how to do so are here. The Kellogg College MCR website has updates about events we have hosted and things coming up. View the site here:


This Week at Kellogg:



  • Tea and Study Group: 2-5PM, 62 Meeting Room
  • Kellogg Student Colloquium: 5.15-6.15PM, Mawby Room
  • Yoga: 7-8PM, the Hub 


  • Quiz Night: 7.30PM, Bar area



  • Welfare Tea and Snacks: 4-5PM, Bar area
  • Free Salsa Dance Class– 5-6PM, the Hub
  • Guest Night Dinner + Exchange dinner with St. Antony’s: 6.45-10PM (booking required)



  • Language exchange: starting at 7.15PM, meet in the Bar area
  • Sunglasses at Night – The Techno-Bar: 8.30 PM, Bar area
  • Exchange dinner @ St. Antony’s: meet at Reception at 6.30PM (booking required)



  • Tea and Study Group: 9.30AM-12.30PM, 62 Meeting Room
  • MCR Election Hustings: 7.30PM-8.30PM, Bar area
  • MCR bar night + night out: 9.30PM-onwards, starting in Bar area



  • Movie night: 8PM, the Hub



  • Tea and Study Group: 2-5PM, 62 Meeting Room



Upcoming Special Events and Opportunities at Kellogg:


Elections – Nominations open this Week!


Dear members of Kellogg’s MCR, old and new,


Did you enjoy the Welcome Weeks, and would you like to organize social, cultural, and academic events yourself? Do you want to help manage the college and the MCR, both physically and electronically? Or is there anything you do not like about Kellogg, and would like to change it? You now have a chance to join the MCR Committee and become the protagonist!

The following MCR Committee positions are open for election:

  • Social Secretary (one place, must be a fresher and ordinarily resident in Oxford)
  • Communications Officer
  • Green Officer
  • Domestic Officer
  • PGCE Representative
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • Charities and Campaigns Officer
  • Treasurer 

On Monday 21st October, your Junior Dean will inform you how to nominate yourself or other people for one role or more. Nominations are open until Thursday 24. We’ll host hustings on Friday 25th October and voting will be open from Monday of Week 3 (28th Oct) to Monday of Week 4 (4th November).


Hope to see many nominations!


Kellogg College Ball: Committee Applications Open

Do you want a free ticket to the Kellogg College Ball AND a free ticket to one other college ball? Do you want to have a say in the Kellogg College 30th Anniversary Ball (20 June, 2020)?

Applications are now open for ball committee positions!

Positions available:

• Secretary- takes minutes at all meetings, keeps all required material organized, helps create handover document for next year’s ball president

• Sponsorship Lead- focuses on getting ball sponsorships

• Logistics Lead- works closely with negotiation team

• Creative and Marketing Positions (x4)- assist with visual design, décor, social media, and marketing for the ball

• IT Officer- works on the website

• Vendor Selection and Negotiation: focus on reaching out to vendors and negotiating pricing

     – Entertainment (x1)

     – Music (x1)

     – Food/Drink (x1)

To submit interest, email: and

Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

Best Wishes,

Kellogg MCR Strategy and Development Team


Exchange dinners


List of exchange dinners this term:

–        October 23rd: St. Antony’s at Kellogg (Wednesday)
–        October 24th: Kellogg at St. Antony’s (Thursday)
–        October 30th: Kellogg at St. Hugh’s (Wednesday)
–        November 20th: St. Hugh’s at Kellogg (Wednesday)
–        November 6th: Pembroke at Kellogg (Wednesday)
–        November 7th: Kellogg at Pembroke (Thursday)
–        November 13th: Wolfson at Kellogg (Wednesday)
–        Tentatively November 29th : Kellogg at Wolfson (Friday)


Kellogg Student Colloquium

Hey team! Monday will see the return of the Kellogg College Colloquium!

Come support your fellow Cornflakes in the Mawby Room at 1715!

Speaker: Elliot Elstob

Title: The Battle Exhortations of Herodotus, Thucydides and Xenophon

Abstract: A pertinent element of Classical Greek historiography was the battle exhortation, a set-piece speech delivered by a general to an army before a battle. Although it is generally not accepted that such speeches, as we have them, are literal records of speeches spoken before a battle, it is nevertheless important to remember that the speeches, as they stand in historiographical narratives, were intended to be read as words coming from the mouths of historical figures. This talk will explore some of the ideas expressed in these speeches, and attempt to place them in a wider, literary and historical context.


If you have something that you would like to present, please send a title, a very brief abstract, and the week in which you’d like to present to Academic Officer, Neil Suchak, at .



Opportunities, Offers, and More


At Kellogg, the bar isn’t just a place to go for a drink. While both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, the bar is also a social space where you can play board games, meet up with friends, and simply have a chat!


Interested in becoming a bartender during term-time? Training will be run by our fantastic Bar Manager, Nicholas DeVito. Please contact him with questions or to express interest. You can also note your interest via this form.


Any bar volunteer can open the bar on any day after dinner, until 11pm (except when Guest Night Dinners take place). The night’s bartender will post it on the MCR’s Facebook page. If you’re around college for dinner, or working in the library, just pass by the bar area after dinner to see if it’s open!



Trying to save money? As of this term, Kellogg College MCR now has discount deals with a number of local businesses. If you’d like to save some money, check out these places for deals (MUST show Kellogg College ID):

  • Oxford Alterations: 
    • 20% discount off alterations
    • Choice of either free shirt or pair of trousers with a made to order suit
  • The One (restaurant): 
    • 20% off food bill any day of the week
  • Angels Cocktail Bar: 
    • 25% off
  • Sheyda (hair/nails/waxing/etc): 
    • 10% off any service more than 20 pounds (until the end of October, 2019)
  • Barefoot Café: 
    • 15% off cakes and drinks (until 31/12/2019); NOT VALID Monday through Friday 2-6PM
  • The Duke of Cambridge: TBC
  • The Mad Hatter: TBC
  • More discounts and/or offers coming soon!

Do you have a place that you frequent and would like to receive a discount at? Yes? Let us know! Send an email to me at with the name of the restaurant/pub/bar/etc, and I’ll get in contact with them and see what we can do!





Other Opportunities and Events:


Talk by Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Next Wednesday (23rd October), the Oxford University Scientific Society will be hosting Sir Peter Ratcliffe for a seminar. Would you mind giving it a mention on your mailing list? The title is: “Understanding Cellular Oxygen Sensing Mechanisms”. Thank you!


Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe is one of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 alongside William G Kaelin, Jr of Harvard University and Gregg L Semenza of Johns Hopkins University for their work on the key mechanisms that our cells use to detect and respond to hypoxia.
In the upcoming talk, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe will be presenting his Nobel Prize winning work on hypoxia and outline advances in the molecular understanding of oxygen sensing mechanisms. The physiological implications of these advances will be discussed, together with the opportunities and challenges raised in the therapeutic modulation of human oxygen sensing systems.

Venue: Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PW

Time: 18:30 – 19:30


EPAfrica 2019-20 Launch, Information Session and Social

Monday 28th October, 7pm, Ferrar Room, Hertford College
Facebook Event:

Education Partnerships Africa is recruiting committed individuals to spend 10 weeks in East Africa investing their skills, time and fundraised money in one of our partner schools. We aim to improve the quality of education in rural East-African secondary schools whilst offering exciting, meaningful personal development opportunities to our volunteers. Living and working in a rural community, our volunteers develop essential transferable skills whilst experiencing vibrant East African culture. Sounds good? Come and meet us on Monday 28th for more information and to discuss any questions over some beverages.

Following personal fundraising and training throughout the academic year, volunteers invest in new educational resources, infrastructure projects and schemes to improve students’ health and welfare. Crucially, they are trusted to plan and deliver their own projects, a challenge that provides a rich and varied personal development opportunity.

Employers such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Deloitte and the WHO have regularly been impressed by the autonomy and critical thinking volunteers have demonstrated through their projects. Many volunteers also continue to build experience by volunteering with the charity after the project has finished. For a challenging, rewarding and inspiring summer, find out more and apply at

1st Round Application Deadline: 10th November

Want a hand to navigate Oxford? Sign up to our mentoring scheme!

Hello again from your Student Union! We hope you were able to discover some interesting societies at our Freshers’ Fair and take advantage of all the free stuff! This is just a friendly reminder to register for our international peer-mentoring scheme. When you opt-in to the scheme, you will be paired with an international mentor from your country of origin. That mentor will be happy to answer any questions you might have about adjusting to life in the UK as an international student. Sign-up using the link below!

Warm regards,

Neil Misra
VP Graduates & Internationals

Sign up here:

Note: If your nationality is different the country you grew up in (e.g. you are a South Korean national, but you spent your whole childhood in Australia and would like to mentor another Australian student), please email for more information


Supporting social sustainability

Dear Sustainability Guild members,


I know I’m potentially preaching to the converted when I note that there are activities that are necessary for a sustainable future which are not entirely environmental.  All of our systems and the people within them need to be secure and safe if we are to produce and share goods in a way in which are natural resources are respected.


Oxford’s annual “One World Fair and Fair Trade Festival” celebrates the many different elements of fair and ethical trade and other activities.  It showcases how we can all get involved.  Details are on the poster attached and you can find more information on Facebook or the Oxford Fair Trade Coalition’s website



·         Make a note in your diary now – Saturday November 9th – 1000 – 1600 – Oxford Town Hall

·         Come along on the day

·         Tell your friends and colleagues

·         Distribute the poster


Hope to see you at the Oxford University Climate Assembly next week!


Bart Ashton
Domestic Bursar – Lady Margaret Hall


A Walk Through Psycho-dermatology: Mon 28 Oct, 7pm, GTC

Oxford DermSoc are delighted to welcome Dr Alia Ahmed, a Harley Street psycho-dermatologist, to deliver an evening lecture at Green Templeton College, Monday 28 October, 7pm. The talk is free for all to attend, and should last an hour, followed by questions.

Psycho-dermatology is the study of how psychological disorders can manifest on the skin, such as trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling), Mogellon disease, and stress-induced psoriasis.

Link to Facebook event:

Hope to see many of you there!



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As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. I’m always more than happy to help in any way that I can. I’m reachable via FacebookLinkedIn, e-mail, and phone! As always, if you want to chat in person, you’ll be able to find me in my usual spot, working on my thesis by the couches in the bar.

Phone: +44 7497 089727



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