R E M I N D E R !

Book: Brit Bennett: The Vanishing Half

It took me two days to read this book. A great summer read, from £2.50 (e-Bay).

Read it as the story of the lives of twin sisters who grow up in a black Southern community during the 1960s, and who go their different ways: how do they deal with the consequences of their actions? Or you could see it as a backdrop for BLM moving mainstream – but the author makes it clear that she did not write the book for a white audience; themes are pigmentocracy, transgressing race, racism, slavery, resistance, a new identity.

This is Brit’s second novel. The book has been extensively reviewed (SOLO online: Washington Post, The Observer, Wall Street Journal), and you can listen to Brit discussing her novel on BBC Sounds “Start the Week:  2020: Brit Bennett on race, identity and protest” (29 June 2020 and available for one year).

Kellogg College Short Book Book Club is an informal and friendly book club that meets once a term, in 9th Week, to discuss books which are all under 200 pages in length. Here are the book choices for the long vacation, which will be discussed at the Michaelmas Term 2020:

Date & Time:

1) 6 PM, Monday 28th of September

2) To be announced

Books to read:

1) Long book (0th Week): Brit Bennet, The Vanishing Half  (Kindle)

2) Short book (9th Week) : Denis Johnson, Train Dreams  (Kindle)

How to join: Please email to Dr. Tara Stubbs, Associate Professor in English Literature and Creative Writing. You will receive an invitation link to Teams meeting.

*All College members are welcome, but the number of participants may be limited to some extent for having a fruitful discussion.

This is a post by our Part-time Student Representative, Brigitte Whitehead.