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Kellogg College is a young college in Oxford terms and has had a MCR committee for only a couple of years. We thank all former members for their contribution to the College.


President: Florian Klimm

Vice-President: Claire Macht

Treasurer: Alex Copestake

Secretary: Isabelle Rogerson

Social Secretaries: Robin Ankele, Max Igl, Catherine Marris, Eojin Lee, Petimat Dudurkaewa

Welfare Officer: Tammo Rukat

Arts & Culture Officer: Alex Santema

Sports Officer: Max Schleich

Academic Officer: Raees Chowdhury

Domestic Officer: Konpal Kaur

Development Officer: Sally Taylor

Charities and Campaigns Officer: Simona Sulikova

PGCE Representative: Jacob Bollen

Green Representative: Canelle Gueguen-Tail

IT Officer: Kubi Kuecuek

Communication Officer: Sarah Griffin

International Representative: Rivers Gambrell

Junior Deans: Maximillian Buxton, Agne Gvozdevaite



President: Ian Berryman

Vice-President: Wilfred Downing

Treasurer: Florian Klimm

Secretary: Gareth Langley

Social Secretaries: Ariane Cruz Gomes. Emma Quinn, Iacopo Grigolin

Welfare Officer: Tammo Rukat

Arts & Culture Officer: Sarah Griffin

Sports Officer: Alexander Skates

Academic Officer: Claire Macht

Domestic Officer: Faith Cowling

Development Officer: Adam Moore

PGCE Representative: Philippa Sian

Green Representative: Haven Barlow

IT Officer: Tina Wu

Communication Officer: Xuemei Zhang

International Representative: Yongchao Huang

Junior Deans: Michelle Hufschmid, Agne Gvozdevaite



President: Emma Moran

Vice-President: Julia Wiedmann

Treasurer: Emma Page

Secretary: Stephen Marsh

Social Secretaries: Ian Berryman, Angela Stallone, Hugh Bennett, Jake McBride

Welfare Officer: Anna Niedbala

Arts & Culture Officer: Emily Parker

Sports Officer: Gareth Langley

Academic Officer: Andrew Small

Domestic Officer: Samantha Brown

Communications Officer: Moses Song

Development Officer: Stephen Jones

PGCE Representative:  Stephen Butler

Green Representative: Hannah Olsen-Shaw

IT Officer: Thomas Nketia

International Representative:  Neelakshi Tewari

Junior Deans: Max Buston, Agne Gvozdevaite


Former Presidents:

2014 Emma Moran
2013 George Taylor
2012 Harriet MacMillan
2011 Amanda Shriwise
2010 Ellie Darlington



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