Kellogg College MCR

University of Oxford


Dining Allowances for students and dress codes
Students receive allowances each term to encourage them to enjoy the convivial atmosphere of dining in College. Dining allowances cannot be carried forward from term to term.


Event Student Free Termly Allowance Dress Code
Lunch 3 (may not be used for guests) Informal (see below)
Informal Dinner None Informal
Guest Night Dinner None Smart and academic gowns for students (not guests)
Special Dinners and Events (eg. Burns Night) None As advertised

College Meal prices for 2019-20 (TBD)

College subsidises all meals and the charges listed below (applicable September 2019 – August 2020) apply after a student has used their termly allowances (where applicable). The cost of meals is charged to your termly battels account (except brunch which is cash only payment on the day of attendance).

Meal Student Guests (of Students)
Lunch (2 course: main and dessert) £6.00 £9.00
Light/soup lunch £3.20 £4.50
Informal Dinner £5.40 £9.00
Guest Night £37.00 £37.00
Guest Night (no alcohol) £32.00 £32.00
Special Dinners and Events As advertised via Weekly Events Email