Kellogg College MCR

University of Oxford

The MCR Committee

The MCR Committee standing orders can be accessed here

The MCR Constitution can be accessed here


The Kellogg MCR Committee (2019-2020)

Dominique Fortes – President



Simona Sulikova – Vice President

Giuseppe Spatafora – Secretary

Barney Williams – Treasurer

Hi I’m Barney, I’m responsible for managing the MCR budget. When I’m not looking at budget spreadsheets I can normally be found surfing/climbing/skiing or, when all other options are exhausted, doing my DPhil in vaccine development for malaria. 

– Communications Officer



Giuseppe Spatafora – Academic Officer


 Arts & Culture Officer



– Green Officer



Andy Thang Nguyen – IT Officer

Howdy! I’m Andy, a 2nd year student in the Software and System Security program. As your IT officer, I’m looking forward to serving our community with not only their IT issues, but also with lifelong learning opportunities. Also a firm believer that whiskey can solve most of the world’s problem.

– Domestic Officer



Sandeep Unwith – Strategy and Development Officer


– Sports Officer

Lemuel Valdez – Part-time Student Representative

– PGCE Representative

Siyang Zhou – International Student Representative

Ekin Genc – Welfare & Equality Officer

– Charities and Campaign Officer

Nicholas Devito – Social Secretary

Tim Hakki – Social Secretary


Jiarui Zhang – Social Secretary


Kevin Treder – Social Secretary

Hi Guys! I’m Kevin and doing my DPhil in Materials Science (Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscopy) here in Oxford.  As part of the Social Secretary Team, my job is to ensure that our college has a vivid and exciting social life and community. While I’m not being lost somewhere between equations and image reconstruction, you can either find me on the river rowing, or in the Buzz Gym. If anyone of you has a good idea for improvement, needs to raise constructive criticism or has any other queries, you are always welcome to contact me via: [email protected]. Looking forward for a great year with you!

Chamil Thanthrimudalige  – Social Secretary

Hi all, my name is Chamil and I am originally from sunny Sri Lanka. I am a part time student in the Software and Systems Security program in my second year now. Work in London in FinTech, and live between London and Oxford. It’s our job as social secretaries to help you socialize and help you make those connections that you will cherish for life. My plan while I am part of the MCR is to organize more events that more people can take part in. Also would like teach some photography classes starting from 2019. In my spare time I row, read, binge watch Netflix, travel and attend music festivals. Did Cochella, Tomorrowland and Glastonbury in the same year 😉