Kellogg College MCR

University of Oxford


MCR Election General Info

The MCR committee holds elections twice a year; once in Trinity to elect the committee for the upcoming academic year, where at least the Executive committee is usually elected (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer). In Michaelmas, we hold elections for all positions that have not been filled in Trinity term.

Michaelmas 2019 Election

You can either nominate yourself on the Oxford Student Union website, or by sending an email to junior.dean[at] You can also nominate someone else for a position by sending an email. Once the nomination window closes, the junior dean in charge will send an email to everyone who has been nominated asking them to confirm whether they accept the nomination. Once they say yes, they will have until the 27th October to submit a brief manifesto (up to 300 words), describing who they are, why they would be appropriate for the role and what they plan on doing in that role, and an optional photo, as well.

Open Positions

  • Disabilities Officer
  • 1 Social Secretary
  • Communications Officer
  • Green Officer
  • Domestic Officer
  • Sports Officer
  • PGCE Representative

Please check the Constitution page for details on the election process and what the different roles entail.

IMPORTANT: Social Secretary position – specifications

The incoming Social Secretary should be:

  • a fresher, i.e. somebody who started their course at Oxford in Michaelmas 2019, AND
  • ordinarily resident in Oxford during term time (Kellogg College MCR Constitution, Art. 5 section 12)

Election Timeline

For Michaelmas 2019, election will follow the schedule below:

  • 21 October, 12pm – 24 October, 12pm: nomination window
  • 25 October: Hustings
  • 28 October, 12pm – 4 November, 12pm: Voting window