Kellogg College MCR

University of Oxford


You can learn about how the MCR elections are run in the MCR Constitution: KelloggMCRConstitution_TT2018

Elections are held in Michaelmas and Trinity Terms. All positions are up for election in Trinity Term. Positions that are not filled in Trinity are up for election in Michaelmas Term. The Returning Officers are the Junior Deans.

Trinity Term nominations run Monday to Thursday 3rd Week. Elections run Monday, 4th Week to Monday 5th Week.

Kellogg MCR Student Elections Michaelmas 2017

Several MCR Committee positions will be elected in Michaelmas 2017 to serve for one year. The positions are:

  1. 3 Social Secretaries
  2. Academic Officer
  3. Arts & Culture Officer
  4. International Students Representative
  5. Domestic Officer
  6. Green Officer
  7. Charities & Campaigns Office
  8. PGCE Representative
  9. Part Time Student Representative

The standing orders for all of these roles can be found here

Nominations Period: Monday to Thursday 2nd Week

If you would like to run, or would like to nominate someone else as a candidate, please email [email protected]

Hustings Friday 2nd Week @ 7.30pm

Elections to be held Monday 3rd Week to Monday 4th Week



Who is eligible to run? Every student of Kellogg College that stays until Trinity next year can be elected. (Unless you have been removed from a MCR Committee position in the last year)

Are part-time students eligible to run? Absolutely, in fact, we are constantly aiming to improve to the representation of part-timers in the MCR Committee.

Can I run for multiple offices? Yes, but if you are elected to multiple positions you will have to decide which one you take.

I won’t be a student anymore next year but would like to get involved with Welcome Weeks, can I run for a position? Unfortunately, you can not get elected but you can contact the MCR President about helping with Welcome Weeks.

How does the nomination work? You can either nominate yourself or another student by emailing the Junior Deans. If a nominated person is eligible to run the Junior Dean will ask them if they accept the nomination. If so they can submit a manifesto of less than 300 words.

How does the election work? The election will be online and every current student has a vote. For every position, there is also the possibility to vote to Reopen the Nomination (RON).

I won’t be in Oxford for the election or hustings, should I run nevertheless: That is absolutely no problem, since the elections will be online and every student will be provided with the manifestos.

What happens to positions that are not filled in Trinity? These positions will be filled in the elections in Michaelmas.

What happens with unfilled positions after the Michaelmas elections? The MCR President may appoint any eligible Member to that office with the advice and consent of the MCR Committee.

What happens if there is a tie in the election? In the situation that two nominees receive the same number of votes, the MCR President discusses with them if there is the opportunity of one of them getting appointed to a different, vacant position. If this is not possible a coin toss decides.