Please vote in the MCR elections on the 16th November from 8am to 8pm.

You should now all have received an email from our MCR Secretary Gareth Langley inviting you to vote in the MCR Committee elections. Please make use of your right to vote!Here are your candidates:

Vice President

Wilfred Downing:

A bit about me…          

Hi, I’m Freddie (during legal proceedings and to my mum I’m actually called Wilfred. ‘Wilfred’ is Old English for ‘man of peace’ which my closest friends will tell you sums up my personality perfectly) and I’m a fresher Historian here studying for an MSt in British and European History.

When I’m not reading books and attending classes, I’m often hanging around College or listening to some classic ‘Britpop’ in my room at Wellington Square.

It’s fair to day that my two biggest vices are smoking and caring too much. Oh, and I’ll never forgive Kate Winslet for letting Jack die in ‘Titanic’.

Given that I enjoy organising things and generally helping out, as well as my shortcomings as a sportsman, I think being part of the Kellogg MCR Committee would be a great way to get actively involved in College life


  • JCR President 2014/15 Churchill College, Cambridge – responsible for representing 459 undergraduates at a College and University-wide level
  • Before being elected as JCR President, I served for one year as JCR Secretary so I know what it’s like to work as part of a student committee in an Oxbridge College and how to get things done
  • Spring Ball President 2013/14 – responsible for organising the annual College Ball which had 800 guests and a budget of almost £60,000

What I want to do on the MCR Committee….

  • Improve accommodation information for Freshers
  • Push for a student-run bar in College
  • Keep the Kellogg community strong, fun and active

Social Secretaries

Iacopo Grigolin:

Your vote can change the way you experience life at Kellogg College for the better or the worse.

What you can expect from me:

  • Event management: curated playlists, new themed drinks, and a greater selection of non-alcoholic cocktails for teetotallers during Kellogg events;
  • More social media presence through online and offline channels;
  • Joint events with other MCRs;
  • Italian wine tasting evenings;
  • Multimedia: an Apple TV or Chromecast in the MCR will let us stream anything at anytime from any device;
  • Weekly movie/TV show nights.

The Halloween party was just a flavour of what I can do for you!

Emma Quinn:

I’m running for social secretary because Kellogg is my favorite part of Oxford. We are so lucky to have the awesome community we do, and I want to help make it as fun and inclusive as it can possibly be. Anyone who knows me knows that I pride myself on being a ~social~ person, and I think that’s an important part of being able to plan the kinds of events people really want to attend. I had a blast helping the current MCR committee host the Kellogg Halloween party and really got some good experience in seeing the behind-the-scenes of putting on great events, so I know what the position requires and I know I could do a great job.

 Moving forward, I want to make sure we’re listening to feedback from students. I will always be open to new ideas, changes, and suggestions from the Kellogg community, because I think that’s what makes for the best events possible. I have lots of fun ideas for potential events and parties, and I think having a wide range of opportunities helps more people get involved and excited, so the more the merrier. To start, one of the great things about Kellogg is our large international community, and I’d like to plan several “Around the World” events celebrating the various cultures and cuisines (and cocktails!) of our students.

The college system is an amazing resource for students, and I’m really excited about the opportunity to make college life a social center. We’re all here to focus on school, but I have a firm belief that there’s always room for a little fun—as social secretary, I will do everything in my power to make this year unbelievably awesome for everyone involved. 

Academic Officer 

Timothy Daraitis:

The following manifesto details my suitability for taking the position of Academic Officer on at Kellogg College of the University of Oxford pursuant to its entailed responsibilities and implications. As a foreword, I have demonstrated longitudinal involvement – and interest in – augmenting student’s academic success via leadership, committee participation, and other avenues at several large, public educational institutions. Detailing what I regard as the most meaningful activity there will evidence my suitability for, and the goals I can achieve, through this appointment.Namely, I served on a committee and directly reported to the Provost of the University of California (UC) for appointing the Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Vice Provost of Education over 2013-2014. One of 10 individuals, I interviewed 12 candidates for this position and described theircandidacy to the Provost. My appointment resulted from experiences at UCLA and UCD in documented student mentorship, outreach, and guidance activities across these institutions, two other universities, and three community colleges. To that effect, my involvement there increased student’sacademic success, acceptance to universities, and placement into research positions & summer internships. My advice to the Provost reflected the above as well as my background detailed, below. I hold of a bachelor of science (UCLA 2013) & master of science (UCD 2015) and was accepted to medical school in 2015, but chose to attend the University of Oxford. Doing so, I have experienced the challenges associated with succeeding in competitive educational environments, thus qualifying me for this position. Further, I am meeting with the Dean of Kellogg College this week to discuss forming a student interest group for those interested in pharmaceutical/science/medical fields. Thus, I will use my position as Academic Officer to compound the effect I can have on student’s career preparations as I have done previously formally and potentially via my student interest group. My communication with notable companies (McKinsey, Deloitte, AstraZeneca, et cetera), several Universities, and the director of my graduate program toward this end can be evidenced upon inquiry.

Alexander Skates:

My name is Alexander Skates. I’m currently a first-year DPhil student studying Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science, and I’m running for the position of Academic Officer. I’ve chosen to put myself forward for this role as I understand the value and importance of excellent academic representation; I’ve seen the impact it can make when it is both transparent and effective, however conversely I have also witnessed the results of ineffectual representation. Everyone deserves the former. I can offer it.

In the past, I’ve tried to take a very proactive approach to student representation. I spearheaded a number of student initiatives to put forward in a larger forum; taking ownership of them, driving them forward and ultimately getting results. I intend to remain operating in such a way, ensuring any and all academic issues of concern for students are addressed.

Over the course of my undergraduate and masters degrees, I spent three years representing fellow students. As such, I’m well aware that sometimes results can be difficult and slow to effect. A seeming lack of visible results can be frustrating for those represented, and for this reason, transparency and communication through all steps of my involvement is key.

While representation is the priority here, I fully intend to explore the complete scope of this role.  Kellogg is full of fascinating students conducting fascinating research, and I feel that they should have as many opportunities to showcase what they are doing as possible.

Claire Macht:

I am a first year full-time DPhil History student running for the role of Academic Officer. Last academic year I also completed the part-time Postgraduate Certificate in Historical Studies through the Department of Continuing Education. I believe I have an understanding of the concerns of both modes of study, which is essential to effectively represent Kellogg’s unique student body on the Academic Committee. In addition, I have recent experience working with the academic administration and representing the needs of students, having acted as the student representative for the PGC Historical Studies program.

As the tsunami of information from university, faculty and college that accompanies the beginning of term abates, I think we all have an understanding of the wealth of resources available to us as students in Oxford.  The effective communication of these resources to students is a key role of the Academic Officer and making sure you have full knowledge of the resources available to support your course of studies is essential to ensure that your experience at Kellogg and Oxford is a positive one.  Having worked as a conference program developer, I believe I have the skills and experience required to effectively communicate to students, many of whom have non-traditional study arrangements, the resources and services that will help you successfully achieve your goals here at Kellogg.

Conversely, the student body needs to communicate what tools and supports we find effective (or not!) to the College Senior Tutor, and wider university Academic and Student Union representatives. I would be proud to be your voice, ensuring that our experience of study informs future development of academic policy for your course of study and for future Kelloggonians.

Communications Officer 

Xuemei Zhang:

I am a person full of positive energy and passion. By getting involved in the position of Communication Officer, I want to make my own contribution to Kellogg. Having been trained in Psychology Association and learned much of both western and Chinese philosophy during undergraduate, I know how to communicate with different people effectively and friendly in different ways. And it is right the communication itself I love most. I love communicating with people from different background and bear every idea with open-minded attitude. And the working experience in a public welfare foundation before coming to Oxford makes me know the good way to transfer information among different groups and the care for others’ benefit and interest. So if I were a communication officer, I would open my door for every student in Kellogg that is willing to talk about any of their ideas with me, and I would try my best to help them to solve their problems or transfer the information to the right place, and I will also help with anything related to the MCR that needs my role.

Development Officer

Adam Moore:

I am a one year Mst student in British and European History. I am standing for the role of Development Officer in order to help improve both the level of funding opportunities available to the students at Kellogg College, as well as to ensure such resources are appropriately distributed to reflect the needs of those supported. I have previously been active in similar roles and I believe I am a suitable candidate to continue such work within our college. Below please find outlined a brief history of the work I have done in this field which I believe reflects my suitability, and I hope I can represent you to ensure you are properly financially assisted in your studies and all aspects of your time at Kellogg.

My history of fundraising and the distribution of funds.  I have sat for a number of years upon a series of local community committees responsible for the organisation of annual events, (such as fayres, sporting events and international exchanges) with the purpose of distributing collected funds to charities and local organisations. I have a history of assisting the fundraising for communal events, backed both from local independent and international businesses, and including sponsorship obtained from a global maritime company for a community fayre. have some minor experience with political fundraising.I am active within alumni groups at a personal level, useful for the maintenance and growth of fundraising opportunities from such individuals, and ensuring the direction of financial assistance is appropriate to the needs of the students supported.

Katelyn Edwards

Sara Hiller

Domestic Officer

Wilfred Downing

Faith Cowling

Sports Officer

Alexander Skates

James Faktor

Green Officer

Haven Barlow:


While there are many reasons for why I would like to serve the Kellogg community as the MCR’s Green Rep, the main motivating factors are:

1) My love/enthusiasm for Kellogg and the city of Oxford.

2) Our very serious environmental offset deficiency

Kellogg’s Environmental Issues

What I would like to accomplish as Green Rep revolves primarily around our significant lack of carbon offsets. One unintended consequence of our many wonderful programmes (as well as Kellogg’s global student intake)—which require a majority of us to frequently travel back and forth between the Oxford and our home countries located all over the world—is that we as a college generate enormous carbon emissions. As many of you already know (probably from watching Cowspiracy on Netflix), while transport exhaust represents roughly 13 percent of all GHG emissions, animal agriculture is responsible for a staggering 18 percent (EPA “Global Emissions”; Worldwatch Institute; More specifically, “2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce one pound of beef” (Oxford Journals. “Water Resources; Agricultural and Environmental Issues), “2-5 acres of land are used per cow” (USDA), and you get the point: unsustainable agricultural production, resulting from meat consumption, is an enormous problem.

Environmental Offsets

The good news is that there are many different things that we can do to offset these environmental impacts. As it so happens, the issues surrounding transportation emissions and those caused by meat consumption provide the Kellogg community with an interesting opportunity to reduce its beef consumption while offset its transportation emissions. For example, because of our amazing kitchen staff, we have the ability to incrementally reduce our beef consumption without sacrificing the quality and variety of our meals.


If we as a community make strides in this area, we might be able to offset some of the unintended consequences of our globally mobile student body. With your help, I will push to make such environmental offsets a reality. As your Green Rep I will:

1)   Coordinate with our events managers and caterers to establish “meat free Mondays” (a major step towards environmental sustainability).

2)   Organize several environmental community service events (for example, park cleanups).

3)   Collaborate with the student body on their ideas surrounding Kellogg’s environmental sustainability issues and what we can do as a community to make a difference.

Thank you for your time and hopefully the opportunity to serve you in this capacity

Cannelle Gueguen-Teil

International Students Representative

Yongchao Huang:

Hi dear Kellogg members, it’s my honour to run for the international student representative with other outstanding peer members. The MCR, which bridges student and the governing body, has always been helpful during my stay at Kellogg in the past 3 years from all aspects concerning student’s well-being. Other than being indebted to the efforts contributed by previous MCR members, I have this year made my mind to take some responsibilities by joining this dynamic body and officially getting involved in college matters. I believe 3yr’s experience of college life could serve as a good basis for substantially representing student’s interests in the MCR committee and beyond. I would like to see these knowledge & experiences to be valued, transferred and promisingly benefit your exploration at Kellogg. Many thanks.

Xuemei Zhang:

For the international student representative, first of all, as an international student myself and coming to Britain for the first time, I have a whole understanding of what kinds of difficulties and problems an international student can meet and what is an international student’s most urgent needs. If I were the international student representative, I would make out a small handbook covering as many as possible of the problems and solutions for international student. And I would communicate between international students and the college staff for specific issues, promote the mutual understanding between college and international students, enhance the friendship and communication between international students and the local students. What’s more, it is also important for me to be a good student both academically and practically, as encourage all the international students to make full use of the time here in Kellogg and make most of it.

PGCE Representative

Philippa Baines:

I believe that I am suitable for this role firstly because I have thoroughly enjoyed my first six weeks of living in Kellogg College as a PGCE student. Through living in college accommodation I have been able to meet, not just fellow PGCE students, but students from all other subjects which has been extremely interesting. We are a relatively small group of PGCE students in Kellogg which therefore means that I already know most of my fellow course mates and would subsequently have no problem in communicating both their thoughts to the college and the decisions made in the college that would affect them. I think that I would be suitable for this role as I am a responsible and conscientious person. I am also highly organised (it comes with the territory of teacher training!) and have so far been enjoying a great balance of academic and social activities in Oxford. It would be very exciting for me to get more involved in college life through being a representative on the MCR committee and I would relish this chance and opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wagner Nogeira Neto:

Being involved and encouraging education, regardless of age, have been priorities in my life. This is the reason why I changed careers, from a meteorological research to education. Since the beginning of my school career, from the age of 11, I have been involved with liaising between school staff and students, representing a large range of students from different backgrounds. At that age, the role was more symbolic, but it still gave me great pride to be part of a team that were trying to improve the quality of education within the school. When I moved from Brazil to Ireland, I continued with my involvement in the school’s student union, being part of the committee and chairing for the last year of my school career. During my tenure as the student union chair, I introduced a recycling programme, helped built a new canteen and introduced applied mathematics as a choice to the taught curriculum of the school. I represented my classmates during staff meeting throughout my undergraduate and masters degree. Once I embarked on my PhD career, I continued being involved with liaising between staff and students, having represented my year group and international students for 4 years. I have chaired the Royal Meteorological Society’s Student Conference in 2013 in Reading.  As a PGCE representative, I intend to carry on representing my colleagues’ best interests and, as a Mature Student Officer with the Student Union, be able to give Kellogg a larger voice within the University.