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The Kellogg MCR Committee (2018-2019)


Alex Copestake – President

Hi folks, I’m Alex the MCR President– it’s my job to coordinate the activities of the MCR Committee and to liaise with College on behalf of the student body. We’re always looking for more people to get involved in improving life for Kellogg students, so if you have ideas and/or energy please get in touch! I’m studying for a DPhil in Economics, and spend much of the rest of my time playing hockey with the university team, running, climbing mountains, listening to audiobooks on the future of humanity or monologuing about political philosophy. If you asked me for an interesting fact about myself, I’d probably say that I (was once) the Junior World Bog Snorkelling Triathlon Champion (seriously – google it, bog snorkelling actually exists and is hilarious).

Katherine Newell – Vice President

Hi guys I’m Katherine and I’m a third year DPhil student studying Medical Science. I’m originally from the Cotswolds in England but I have lived in various places across the UK. I have various hobbies including, running, preferably marathons up mountains, wingwalking (google it, it’s a thing!), and travelling, usually around the world as part of my DPhil. As your VP I work with Alex and the entire MCR to ensure everything runs (semi) smoothly! I can be contacted at Also 50% of Kimi. 

Simona Sulikova – Secretary

First year DPhil student in Environment, transport studies focus. Graduated from Kellogg with an MPhil, and as MCR Secretary organises and manages the MCR Committee meetings. Also directs queries and issues to the people responsible for them, and helps out where needed. Also, the other 50% of Kimi. 

Barney Williams – Treasurer

Hi I’m Barney, I’m responsible for managing the MCR budget. When I’m not looking at budget spreadsheets I can normally be found surfing/climbing/skiing or, when all other options are exhausted, doing my DPhil in vaccine development for malaria. 

JS Lemay  – Communications Officer

Hey guys I’m JS – a second year DPhil student from Québec doing research in pure math. I’m also better known as the guy who always wears shorts. I’m in charge of writing the weekly newsletters and managing the MCR facebook group. Hope to see you around college!

Giuseppe Spatafora – Academic Officer

Hi, my name is Giuseppe but you can call me Peppe! I come from Palermo, a city in Sicily (Southern Italy). I’m studying for an MPhil in International Relations. I’m the Academic Officer in Kellogg’s MCR Committee, and as such I supervise all academic-related matters on behalf the college’s student body. I’m also the main reference point for contacting the Library staff. Piacere di conoscervi! Nice to meet you all!

Kubi Kuecuek – IT Officer

Kubi Kuecuek







Busy with this server…. (He is the younger one in the photo, the left side). Usually on some computers, he can fix your broken laptop or smartphone if you feed him with some good food. He is doing system security research, reading for DPhil in computer science.

Rivers Gambrell – Development Officer

I’m Rivers, and I’m stoked to serve as your MCR Development Officer this year. I’m finishing up a DPhil in History, mostly writing about American football and the presidency. As Development Officer my goal is to ensure that donations to Kellogg will be used in ways that are beneficial to both full and part-time students. When not writing or fulfilling my MCR duties, I enjoy drawing, finding cheap flights, dogs, skateboarding, roller coasters, and the problematically-named Washington Redskins.

Robert McCraith – Sports Officer

I’m a second year DPhil student in the AIMS (Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems) program. During my first year in Kellogg I rowed in our first boat for Torpids and took part in several external races. This year as sports officer I’m hoping to ensure Kellogg students are well connected to various casual and more serious sporting clubs around the university.

Bill Franklin – Part-time Student Representative

I’m Bill, I’m the part-time student representative. My role is to ensure that part-time students are engaged with college whether they’re living in Oxford or elsewhere. If you’re studying part time, please do contact me via email for any academic or social issues that you’re having and I’ll help you get those resolved. Likewise, contact me if you think of anything that would make your time at Kellogg more enjoyable, and I’ll make sure the MCR hears about it.

Dominik Schwarz – Social Secretary

Hey, I’m Dominik, social sec and this year’s MCR bar manager. Back in Dschermany I studied biotech/bioinformatics and I do similar stuff in my DPhil here as well. Happy to discuss research and politics during a match of table football or at one of these nice wine & cheese exchanges. Feel free to suggest any cool stuff that we could do as an MCR; always glad to get inspiration and to support ideas.

Lida Bousiakou  – Social Secretary

I am a Physicist with a background in condensed matter applications. I currently work as a senior researcher in nanomaterials for health and environmental applications, while  specializing in Nanotechnology for Medicine and Healthcare (MSc). I enjoy sports, travelling and conceptual art being involved in the production of a series collection on ‘quantum imaging’ to display concepts in science and how it affects our everyday life.