Presidential Missive Week 6

Dear Cocoa Cornflakes,


A couple of fun exchanges this week, in addition to the usual offerings and a medical-themed colloquium on Thursday. Check out the line up for this year’s Blethcley Park week as well. The trip to Bletchley itself is now fully booked but the talks, seminars, and displays (check out the Enigma machine demonstration) are not to be missed.


Your M(iddle)C(ommon)R(oom) President




here ^(


Kellogg colloquium – Thursday 22nd February, 5pm Mawby Room

Come along to our next Kellogg colloquium where Chris Byrne will be presenting The HEART score in predicting adverse cardiac events in patients presenting to the emergency department with possible acute coronary syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Chris Byrne is a postgraduate trainee in Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto also pursuing a Master of Science in Evidence-Based Health Care in Oxford


Bar exchange Christ Church at Kellogg –  Friday 23rd February – 8pm, Kellogg bar

Come and start the weekend of right with drinks at Kellogg as we host Christ church.

Weekly Events


Yoga: Mondays, 7pm – The Hub

Tea and Cake: Wednesdays 4pm, Richardson Room

Academic Writing Group –  Meeting room 62 Tuesdays 2pm, Wednesdays 6:30pm, Thursdays 9:30am and Sundays 2pm

Sunday Night Chill – 8pm The Hub: The film this week is Men of Honor.


And Wellbeing Information:

And as always:

– free condoms, pregnancy tests and sanitary pads are available in the white cupboard in the  accessible toilet, near the Richardson Room. Please contact Anne at if the items need replenishing.

Also, if you would like to have moral support while taking a pregnancy test, remember you can contact the peer support at or, the Well-Being Officer.


– the Peer Support can be contact at!

– Information for counselling can be found here: ^(

– For any problems, you can also contact Anne at as the current Wellbeing Officer


Bletchley Park Week 2018. ^(
Join us for an exclusive guided tour and talk at Bletchley Park where Alan Turing and 10,000 others worked to break the Enigma (and Lorenz) ciphers during World War Two. Find out more and book your place here. ^(
For a complete list of the events planned for Bletchley Park Week, please check this page ^( on the website


here ^(


The Charity Football League is looking for either teams or individuals to sign up for the new season starting this April at Iffley Road.


Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1EQ

The pitch is an astroturf so no studded boots allowed.



Tuesday 3rd April to Tuesday 26th June 2018

6:00pm-8pm league (6:00pm and 6:40pm kick-offs, or 6:40pm and 7:20pm kick-offs)

8pm-10pm league (8pm and 8:40pm kick-offs, or 8:40pm and 9:20pm kick-offs)


Wednesday 11th April to Wednesday 13th June 2018

8pm and 8:40pm kick-offs

8:40pm and 9:20pm kick-offs


Other information:

The league is 8-a-side league, games are £5 a player or £40 a team a game. Matches are 35 minutes.


We’ve been going for the past five years and all our profits go to a great local children’s charity called Jacari. As such, there’s a nice spirit to the league – we pride ourselves on running a competitive league played in the right spirit.


Please complete this registration form ^( to sign up.


Kellogg MBA Student Tianqi Han is at the forefront of the
The Oxford Emerging Markets Summit (OEMS) is taking place on March 3rd, 2018 at the Mathematical Institute, ^( of Oxford and is proudly sponsored by APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation).
A limited number of tickets are available, so get them while they last!

Time and Location: March 3, 2018, 1pm-5pm

Food and Music Festival 5pm-8pm

Mathematics Institute, University of Oxford


Buy tickets: ^(

Keynote panel speakers


David O’Rear – Former Chief Economist at the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, and Asia-Pacific Regional Economist for the Economist Group


Fu Xiaolan – Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development of Oxford University


More speakers to be announced soon!


8 TED-style insider view presentations on: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and Thailand.

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