Kellogg Colloquium: The East African WW1 Front: Early seeds of resistance to colonialism?

Monday, 5 pm – Mawby Room

JC Niala will be speaking about her research on the East African front of the First World War. The front was unique in a number of ways. One was the diversity of people fighting side by side – dozens of different cultures and ethnicities were represented, bringing together people from colonies from all around the world. Colonial resistance is usually referred to in the context of the Second World War, however in Kenya & Malawi there are important examples of uprisings that were likely triggered by events of WW1. JC Niala’s research explores this largely forgotten aspect of the war.

JC Niala is an award winning screen and playwright reading for an MSt in Creative Writing at Kellogg. JC works to bring to light lesser told African stories.

There will be refreshments offered to event participants.

The person responsible for Kellogg Colloquia is Magdalena Goralska, Kellogg scholar and a student at the Oxford Internet Institute (

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