Kellogg students who’ve made an outstanding contribution to college life this year could win an award of £300-£400. The MCR has been collecting funds throughout the year from people graduating, and now we want to give it away! 

Why are we doing this?  Kellogg is still a young college – 25 this year – and every year there are more things happening. We want to encourage and reward students who have made an outstanding contribution to the college life. There are no limits to the type of activity, it might be cultural, social, welfare, sport, or even academic. The main thing is that it has had a positive impact on the experience of other Kellogg students.

Anyone at Kellogg can make a nomination, and any current student can receive an award, apart from serving members of the MCR Committee or the two Junior Deans. You can nominate yourself, or someone else, and you can make as many nominations as you like, as long as you nominate a different person each time.

The form for nominations is at ^( .We need to have your nominations by 9am on Monday 4 May, so that we can hand out the awards at a ceremony linked to Guest Night on 29 May. 

Decisions will be made by an awards panel including two members of the MCR Committee and two senior members of college. Full details of the process and rules are here.