Oxford Students Refugee Campaign

The Kellogg is MCR is proud to support the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign! If you are a Kellogg student and want to support this great cause get in contact with the Charities and Campaigns Officer. Alternatively, you can also set up a direct donation to the Campaign here.

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MCR Reading Collection is now available

The MCR reading collection is now available in the MCR. True crime, modern literature, biography, classics and everything in between can already be found on the shelves. Books can be borrowed in good faith, with the expectation that they will be returned or another book donated to replace it. New donations will be accepted at [...]

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New MCR Reading collection

We're building an MCR reading collection! Donations of books you might otherwise be giving to charity shops, a favourite read you want to share, or books you don't want to haul back home with you at the end of the year can be left at reception for the attention of the MCR Academic Officer. Read [...]

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Special Brunch on 15th November

Hi All We have a special brunch for students with families and kids this Sunday! The first 20 students and all kids are free! There will be children entertainment! There will be smoothies, freshly made by your MCR committee. We would really like to reach out to students with partners and/or children, so please do [...]

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Vote in the MCR Committee elections

Please vote in the MCR elections on the 16th November from 8am to 8pm. You should now all have received an email from our MCR Secretary Gareth Langley inviting you to vote in the MCR Committee elections. Please make use of your right to vote!Here are your candidates: Vice President Wilfred Downing: A bit about [...]

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Kellogg College MCR Excellence Award

Kellogg students who’ve made an outstanding contribution to college life this year could win an award of £300-£400. The MCR has been collecting funds throughout the year from people graduating, and now we want to give it away!  Why are we doing this?  Kellogg is still a young college - 25 this year - and [...]

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Trinity Term Exchange Dinners

Hi everyone,   This term sees us embark on two more exchange dinners. Please read this CAREFULLY and READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS to book onto the dinners – your place is only confirmed once we have all the details from you!   As per the term card, the dates for each exchange are: New @ [...]

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2014 Boat Race

Hello! Another week brings us another Boat Race - congratulations again to Alice and Liz and the rest of the Oxford crews for their amazing wins last week - hopefully more of the same on Sunday (6th April) for the men! Sunday’s racing is in London, so the plan is to take the Oxford Tube [...]

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