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Week 3: MCR Elections Start!

Dear Cornelius’ and Cornelias (the rooster does have a name after all), Well done to all those Kelloggians who ran the Town and Gown 10km yesterday. Some stellar performances, especially by Jessie Dorfmann and Noé Michalon. Who’s up for the Oxford Half Marathon in October?! Today, for one full week, MCR Elections start! Check the [...]

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Week 2

Dear Corn Flakes, Week 2 brings May Morning, speed sketching, and a chance to show your appreciation to the dining and kitchen staff at Kellogg for the wonderful job they do for students, fellows and staff all year. All the details are below. The library will be closed for an extended period this summer. The [...]

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Dear Kelloggian Crispies, T-1 week ... the final term of the year is quickly approaching and your MCR is already busy with a showcase of research talks, trips, tours, and sports! There are a number of events below that require sign-up in advance, including the Houses of Parliament Tour, the Time Management Seminar, and the [...]

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Presidential Epistle – Week 9 – The Beat goes on

Dear Cornflakes! As a graduate college, we have a different connection with Oxford’s eight-week terms: our seminars may end but our work does not! With this in mind, the MCR will be continuing some of our regular events between Hilary and Trinity terms. We will also be having a number of special events, including a [...]

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Presidential Missive Week 6

Dear Cocoa Cornflakes,   A couple of fun exchanges this week, in addition to the usual offerings and a medical-themed colloquium on Thursday. Check out the line up for this year’s Blethcley Park week as well. The trip to Bletchley itself is now fully booked but the talks, seminars, and displays (check out the Enigma [...]

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Presidential Epistle: Hilary Week 3

Dear Crunchy Nuts! We are well into Hilary Term now but it is never to late to start something new. This week we have a colloquium, a pub quiz for a cause, a beer tasting to expand your taste experience and a late-night viewing of the Superbowl in addition to the usual MCR activities. We [...]

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President’s Epistle Hilary Week 2

Hello Kravers! (that’s a new one for me too!) Week 2 has some delightful offerings from the MCR team, including ice skating, a very apt correlation with the snowy weather we’ve been having here. And exchange dinner dates and sign ups are below. My apologies for the delay in getting this out to everyone. We [...]

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President’s Epistle: Hilary Week 1

Dear Cruncheroos! Exams and assignments have been the New Year lot for many of you already. Well done to all of you for powering through! The MCR has lined up a cracking Hilary Term Card to help you carve out some time with friends, some time for study, and some time for you. You can [...]

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