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The Alumni Kellogg MCR Committee (2017-2018)


Claire Macht – President

Claire Macht


Claire Macht is a third year DPhil student whose topic in medieval history has absolutely nothing to do
with her previous work experience in the biotechnology industry. Claire hails from a variety of places, including BC, NB, BRS, LDN, YT, SD, and MUC. (Prizes in the form of homebaking will be given for correctly identifying all those locations.) She has gone running at least once in all these places, and cultivated useful skills such as chainsaw sharpening and how to thread a Steenbeck. She can usually be found in the nearest library, kitchen, or footpath and is happy to talk with you about any of your concerns, including the use of the Oxford comma. She can be reached at claire.macht [at]


Robin Ankele – Vice President

Robin Ankele

Robin is a third year DPhil student in Computer Science fighting with unicorns and dragons to provide more secure and privacy-preserving communications in the Internet. Born and raised in Austria, although soon after he finished his bachelor he started traveling the world and lived in places like Switzerland and Belgium, and now, the UK.

As this year’s vice president, he leaves the bureaucratic handling with college officials to Claire (he’s sure she’s doing a fabulous job; though will help out on any front, if necessary) and intends to focus on the wishes and needs of all Kellogg students to make this year the best in Kellogg. He’ll especially focus to get our new student-run bar from its baby steps and chair this year’s college ball.

Not new to the committee, as he served as one of last year’s social secs, he enjoys organising events like college bar crawls, beer tastings and bbq’s. On a more sporty side he can be found cycling or longboarding around Oxford, playing football or sometimes falling from the sky. Feel free to speak to him at any time in college, or catch a beer with him (of course, a Belgium one).you can reach him at robin.ankele [at]


Charlotte (Charlie) Freitag – Academic Officer

Charlie is reading for a Master in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology. She grew up in Germany but moved to Scotland for her Bachelor in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, dancing and eating raspberries. Feel free to catch her around college or email her for any academic concerns or hiking tips: charlotte.freitag [at]







Meghan Forest – Arts & Culture Officer

Hey Cornflakes! My name is Meghan Forest, and I’m your Arts and Culture Officer for the 2017/2018 academic year. I hail from Michigan (yep, that’s the one with all the lakes), and I’m what people in the industry call a “Museum Person.” I’m at Kellogg reading for my MSc. in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology. Some Fun Facts: My favourite former President of the United States is Gerald R. Ford, I know every word to the Hamilton soundtrack, Froot Loops are all the same flavor regardless of colour, and I’m so excited to work with you enrich your time at Kellogg by engaging with culture and the arts! You can contact me at meghan.forest [at]





Mary Nguyen – Charities and Campaigns


Mary is excited to be your Charities and Campaigns officer for this year! She has past experiences in student advocacy and organizing particularly around issues of gender and race in the U.S. For this up

coming year, she would love to raise awareness of campaigns at Kellogg such as accessibility at Oxford/higher-education, discrimination based on identity, and anything else College members are passionate about. If there is anything you would like to be advocated for and represented, she would love to hear it!

In her free time, you can find her laughing too loudly, watching TV shows, and/or trying out new recipes. You can reach Mary at mary.nguyen [at]


Katherine Newell – Communications Officer

Hey guys! I’m Katherine a second year DPhil student in Population Health. I’m your Communications Officer meaning it’s my job to get all MCR related news and events to you and manage our MCR Facebook page. When I am actually in Oxford and not travelling the world which seems to make up a large part of my DPhil, I am usually found outside running, at Kellogg guest night dinners, or chilling at the Wine Cafe. I hope to properly meet those of you that don’t know me at our MCR events throughout the year! I can be reached at katherine.newell [at]





Max Igl- Development Officer


I’m a second year CDT DPhil student in Machine Learning and enjoy dancing (Tango Argentino) and rowing when I’m not working. Last year I was social sec but decided I wanted to do something more ‘behind the scenes’ this year. I can be reached at maximillian.igl [at]





Robert McCraith – Domestic Officer


robert.mccraith [at]

Peter Sawers – Green Officer

Hi, I’m Peter and I’m your Green Officer this year. That means I’ll be working with students and staff to make sure we’re doing the best we can to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible as a College. This is very important for Kellogg: we have a beautiful, green college campus and our new Hub has been constructed to a high standard of environmental friendliness, so please drop me an email or find me for a chat if you have any suggestions or issues you want to bring up!

I grew up between Reading, Bangui and Yaoundé (feel free to try and find them on a map), and did my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Exeter. I’m studying for an MSt in British and European History, particularly the gap between academic history and how history is presented to and consumed by the public. I enjoy reading, museums, films, computer games (if I have time!) and occasionally even making useful things out of other things. Hopefully I’ll meet you around college or at one of our social events! You can contact me at peter.sawers [at]



Draego Zubiri – International Students Representative

My name is Draego and I am your International Student Representative. I am from the Philippines and am currently reading for my MSc Education in Learning and Technology. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and in my free time I enjoy reading in cafes and listening to musical theatre.

Kellogg is a wonderfully diverse community and my job is to make sure that we make the most out of it this year. If you are an international student, and have any concern, feedback, issue, or creative proposal that you would like to bring forward with the MCR, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at jose.zubiri [at]

Hoping to see you around Kellogg this year!




Kubi Kuecuek – IT Officer

Kubi Kuecuek


Busy with this server…. (He is the younger one in the photo, the left side)

Usually on some computers, he can fix your broken laptop or smartphone if you feed him with some good food.

He is doing system security research, reading for DPhil in computer science.



Charani Dharmawardhane – PGCE representative

Hi guys! I’m Chuke, a PGCE Chemistry student at Kellogg. Originally from Sri Lanka, I’ve since made my home in London, and now Oxford. As your PGCE Representative, my job is to ensure that the interests and concerns of the PGCE students at Kellogg are represented at MCR committee meetings. I am particularly interested in maintaining the inclusive atmosphere Kellogg has established with its PGCE students.

I can generally be found at Kellogg’s various events, or exploring brunch spots around Oxford. Some guaranteed ice-breakers with me include: dogs, travelling, photography, The Office (US), and anything sci-fi. I’m always happy to chat, or exchange stories, so feel free to stop me if you see me in person!

You can contact me via Facebook or at charani.dharmawardhane [at]




Claire MacPherson – Secretary

Hi everyone, I’m Claire, the secretary of the MCR this year. As secretary, it’s my job to keep records, send out minutes, and make sure meetings run smoothly so that the MCR committee works effectively for all of Kellogg’s students. I’ll do my best to make sure that happens, and if there’s anything that you would like to see from the MCR then please get in touch:

I’m reading for an MPhil in Economics, after also studying economics for my undergrad at home in Scotland. In my spare time, I enjoy singing with the University Chorus, spending time outside, drinking wine and cooking, and usually some combinations of those too. For those of you who don’t know me, I hope to meet you at a guest night, bop or one of the many other Kellogg events over the coming year. I can be reached at claire.macpherson [at]

Sally Taylor – Part-time Student Representative

Hello Kellogg! I am honoured to have joined the MCR committee as Social Secretary Officer and will do my best to represent the interests of part-time students. I’ve been studying as a part time student for some years now – currently for a DPhil in Archaeology, but before that I did an MSc at Oxford and Grad Diploma at UCL.

For the rest of the week I work for the Museum of Liverpool as an archaeologist – it’s cold and dirty work, but the fresh air is a great contrast to sitting in the library. Previously I worked for an adult training co-op (a social enterprise that recruits unemployed people and qualifies them as teachers).

Kellogg can be ‘home from home’ for part-timers whist we’re here, but we need more support to make this happen. Please email me at sally.taylor [at] with your suggestions and ideas for what you would like to see introduced. I’m planning a formal survey of students (jointly with the Kellogg Fellow responsible for part-timers) but requests made now can be worked on straight away. Thanks, Sally.


Leda Bousiakou – Social Secretary

lide.bousiakou [at]







Bastiaan van Dalen – Social Secretary


Bastiaan is one of the best friend you can have in Oxford. Last year he organized tons of events without even a committee position. If you wanna get involved to Oxford life and events during 2017-2018, be close to Bastiaan, he will take you to all cool dinners around.

Major contribution; He rescued Tony the Tiger from Brasenose college.

Known for; social dinners nearly in every college.

He can be reached via facebook or bastiaan.vandalen [at]


Lauren Feldman – Social Secretary

My name is Lauren and I am one of the Social Secretaries this year! I am from New York, but went to school in Chicago, and definitely identify more with the Mid-west vibe. I am reading for an MSc in Social Anthropology, but when I’m not reading, I love baking, grabbing (multiple) coffees with friends, and finding any excuse to be social and procrastinate. I would love to hear what fun, social things you would like to do this year, so definitely email me or catch me in the Hub, where I spend most of my days *attempting* to write papers and read (but I’d prefer to be speaking to you!). You can reach me at lauren.feldman [at]






Hafeez Rajwani – Social Secretary

Hafeez is reading for an MSc in Experimental and Translational Therapeutics, and he especially likes viruses that eat brain tumours. Raised around Toronto, he went to medical school in London and specialized in neurosurgery.

One of this year’s social secretaries, he’s fond of elaborate cooking and writing infrequently. He can be reached at hafeez.rajwani [at]

Kevin Wu – Social Secretary

kevin.wu [at]

Sports Officer – Tim Yandle


I am an MPhil Economics Student and sports enthusiast. If you’re interested in getting involved with anything from rowing to squash don’t hesitate to let me know! You can reach me at timothy.yandle [at]





Alex Copestake – Treasurer

Hey folks, I’m Alex the Treasurer – it’s my job to manage the MCR’s finances and the Ball budget. We’re always trying to find money to support people with ideas for improving student life here, so if you have an idea for an event/society/purchase then make sure to get in touch with me or Claire!

I’m studying for a DPhil in Economics, and spend much of the rest of my time playing hockey, football, kayaking, mountain-climbing, listening to audiobooks on the future of humanity and monologuing about political philosophy. If you ask me for an interesting fact about myself, I’d probably say that I (was once) the Junior World Bog Snorkelling Triathlon Champion (seriously – google it, bog snorkelling actually exists and is hilarious). I can be reached at alexander.copestake [at]


Anne Nierobisch – Welfare and Equality Officer


Hi everyone!

I am Anne, this year’s Health and Welfare Officer. My job is it to help you if you experience any problems during your time at Kellogg.
I know from personal experience how quickly problems can arise and overwhelm you during your studies –
so please feel to contact me at anne.nierobisch [at] if there is something troubling you!

Off duty, I am a DPhil Student in the Biomedical sciences, who loves singing and dancing.
If you hear someone in singing (especially musical numbers) in Kellogg, that’s probably me. Applause would be appreciated, but is not a must 😉
When I am not at college, I am off travelling and discovering this world’s beauty. Current dream goal: the Grand Canyon and the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, US!