Don’t forget to VOTE!! MCR elections this week

You will have received an email from our friendly Junior Dean Agne about the MCR elections happening this week. The email will include the link where you can vote and the personalized id number that will enable you to do so. Information on all the candidate is accessible during the process (as long as the [...]

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MT17 Week 3 Presidential Missive

Dear Frosted Flakes, Week 3 is already here and with it comes the HalloCorn Silent Disco Bop! For those of you unfamiliar with Silent Disco, this is a Kellogg specialty: a personal headset, 3 different colour-coded play list channels, and all the space you need to dance the night away. A night not to be [...]

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New exchange dinner!

Our well-connected Social Secretary, Bastiaan van Dalen has found a replacement exchange dinner for Michaelmas Term. University College will now be doing an exchange with us: 31st Oct at Univ and 8th Nov at Kellogg (15 places per college). You can sign up using the same form as before:  (click Edit Your response) and the [...]

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MT17 Week 2 President Missive

Welcome! Congratulations to all of the new Matriculands who are now officially members of Kellogg! The rain held off, the Picture was taken, and (hopefully) everyone enjoyed a memorable day. A massive thanks is owed to the Academic Office Staff who once again managed a horde of people with their usual helpfulness and generous good [...]

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Diwali Event cancelled

A message from college: Due to insufficient bookings, a decision has been made to unfortunately cancel the Diwali event. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience, we do hope to organise this event next year with plenty of notice given to everyone.

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Exchange dinners update

Unfortunately St Cross has to drop out last-minute for the exchange dinners to some unforeseen planning issues with their hall. Everyone who signed up for the St Cross exchange: this one will thus be canceled. To give you guys some more time to sign up again/change your sign up preferences, the deadline to sign up [...]

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Merton Wine and Cheese Exchange

We are invited for our first wine and cheese of the term at Merton College, this Sunday 15 October (8.15pm). This will be a great opportunity to make some new friends outside our college and experience one of the great traditions that Oxford' social life has to offer you in one of the most beautiful [...]

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Michaelmas 2017 Exchange Dinners

Get hyped for the very first exchange dinners of this year. This is the perfect chance to experience and enjoy Oxford's diverse colleges and formal halls! This term we are going to exchange with the following colleges: Wolfson, St Cross, Oriel, and Exeter. The dates for the exchanges are as follows: Dates: Wolfson (10 places [...]

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