Another week brings us another Boat Race – congratulations again to Alice and Liz and the rest of the Oxford crews for their amazing wins last week – hopefully more of the same on Sunday (6th April) for the men!

Sunday’s racing is in London, so the plan is to take the Oxford Tube bus (next year the men’s and women’s racing will all be held together – same venue and same distance, which is great news). As for tickets, College have once again agreed to reimburse travel expenses (do this by taking receipts/tickets up to the finance office after the event) – it should be £13 for a student return – they can be bought at the station, no need to preorder them. And buses are every 10 minutes, so should be an easy trip.

The schedule for the racing is as follows –

15:55 Isis/ Goldie Toss
16:07 The BNY Mellon Boat Race Toss
16:37 Goldie depart boathouse
16:42 Isis depart boathouse
17:03 Oxford and Cambridge Boat
17:25 Isis/ Goldie Race Start
17:55 The BNY Mellon Boat Race Start

Let’s meet at Kellogg at 11.45 to leave from Gloucester Green at 12.15 – that gives us time to get to London and walk down to the river for the racing – probably at Hammersmith Bridge (we can walk from Shepherd’s Bush).

I’ll be going – please let me know if you are joining me – am looking forward to another big Kellogg group cheering on the Dark Blues. It’s an iconic event, so do try and make it along!