President’s Epistle Hilary Week 2

Hello Kravers! (that’s a new one for me too!)

Week 2 has some delightful offerings from the MCR team, including ice skating, a very apt correlation with the snowy weather we’ve been having here. And exchange dinner dates and sign ups are below. My apologies for the delay in getting this out to everyone.

We are also reviewing the feedback we have received through the Christmas survey and will be making some adjustments to the Term card to reflect the changes you want to see.

Stay warm, stay dry and stay Kellogg,

Your MCR President



Special Events

 Kellogg goes Ice skating – Thursday 25th January, 8pm

Come and show off your ice skating and dancing skills (and maybe some pirouettes) and join your fellow Cornflakes on the Oxford Ice Rink for the Throwback Thursday Disco Ice Skating. Meet at Kellogg reception at 8pm.  Entry (including skate rental) is £4.90 for students so don’t forget your bodcard.


Bar hosting: Brasenose at Kellogg – Friday 26th January, 8pm

Kellogg will be hosting our friends from Brasenose so come along for wine, cheese and music, (with some potential dancing!).


Weekly Events

Bar opening hours: Wed-Sat, 6:30-10:00

Yoga: Mondays, 7pm – The Hub

Green Screen: Big Cats: 7:30 – the Hub

Tea and Cake: Wednesdays 4pm, Richardson Room

Academic Writing Group –  Meeting room 62 Tuesdays 2pm, Wednesdays 9:30am, Thursdays 9:30am and Sundays 2pm

Sunday Night Chill – 8pm The Hub, Movie screening



Planning Ahead

Exchange dinners – Hilary Term 2018

Apologies for the delay, as I know many of you have been waiting on this. The date and colleges for Hilary Term exchange dinners are below.

* New College (dates: @ Kellogg: 8th Feb, @ New: 21st Feb)

* GTC (dates: @ GTC: 23rd Feb, @ Kellogg: 1st Mar)
* St. John’s (dates, @Kellogg 1 Feb, @ St John’s 6 Feb)

* Queens (dates: @ Kellogg 20 Feb, @ Queens 1st March)

Here’s how it works:

If you sign up for either exchange you are signing up to attend two dinners; one at Kellogg and one at the other college, i.e. each exchange consists of two dinners. Please make sure you are free for both nights of the exchange. Poor attendance at either leg reflects badly on Kellogg, so we can only take your booking if you can attend both legs of an exchange. Moreover, you will get charged in full (allowance doesn’t apply) if you don’t show up. Hafeez will maintain a waiting list, so the moment you know you won’t make it – message him.

Exchange Dinners count as two guest night dinners (home-leg and away-leg). Your free allowance will automatically cover the cost of the exchange up to 4 meals if not used yet. Remember that any dinner over the allowances will be charged accordingly (£37).

What to do next:
To sign up for an exchange dinner please visit the links below and fill in the form:

John’s – ^( (dates, @Kellogg 1 Feb, @ St John’s 6 Feb)

New – ^( (dates: @ Kellogg: 8th Feb, @ New: 21st Feb)

Queen’s – ^( (dates: @ Kellogg 20 Feb, @ Queens 1st March)

GTC – ^( (dates: @ GTC: 23rd Feb, @ Kellogg: 1st Mar)


The ballot will be open until midnight on 24 January. You can always add yourself to the waiting list. Names will be selected by a random electronic ballot on 25 January and successful applicants will be notified the same day by email.

Parliament Tours with Bynum Tudor Fellow, Lord Bilimoria – 19 February, 11:15-13:15 Places are strictly limited to 20 students. Enter the ballot here: ^( Deadline to enter is February 5. Please note: A tour will also be run in Trinity Term.


External news and opportunities

Trial volunteers

Can non-drug antidepressant treatments influence the way the human brain processes information?

Volunteers needed for a study investigating the effects of non-drug treatments on the way the brain processes certain kinds of information

Primary researcher: Alexander Kaltenboeck [DPhil student] ^(

Principal investigator: Prof. Catherine Harmer ^(

Bright light treatment and negative ion treatment have been shown to be promising treatments for depression. Our research group is currently recruiting participants for a study that investigates the effects of these treatments on the way the human brain processes certain kinds of information.

We are looking for healthy participants (both male and female), aged 18 to 65 years. In order to participate, you must be in good health and you must not have a history of any psychiatric disorder (such as depression, anxiety disorder, or eating disorder).

You would be invited to to the Department of Psychiatry (Warneford Hospital) for two study sessions. The first session would take approximately one hour and the second session would take approximately three hours. You would be subjected to a single session of treatment with either bright light, negative ions, or a placebo. After this treatment, your performance on a range of computerized psychological tasks would be assessed.

There is no obligation to take part in this study. You will be compensated for your time.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Dr Alexander Kaltenboeck ( ^( at the department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford.


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